Casio Commando G'zOne

We've seen a few bits and pieces of the Casio Commando G'zOne floating around, but now you can get the whole thing, or any of the fun parts, in one handy place.  The full system dump is available, complete with the fancy lock screen and new launcher with the awesome shortcut button.  All you dev-types can grab it and have a blast with the system -- it doesn't need de-odexed :)

To make it simple for everyone else, we pulled out all the Commando zone outdoorsy apps and widgets, as well as the wallpapers (both live and static) and any new ringtones or notification tones that were included.  They are listed separately to save you from having to download the full 220 MB file.  You can find everything, as well as discuss how we're going to port that launcher and lock screen to other phones in the forums.

Source: Android Central forums