Can't Wait for the T-Mobile G1? Give the Emulator a Spin

Obviously, only a lucky few are getting their hands on the T-Mobile G1 a little bit early. Sadly, most of us aren't that lucky or well-connected. I mean October 22nd is so far off! Good thing that T-Mobile is spreading a lot of the love to us regular customers and offering an emulator for the T-Mobile G1.  Though not everything is fully functional (the browser and street view come to mind) it still is a lot of fun to work through the G1 as if it was in your hands.

They also have a 360 degree view of the T-Mobile G1 for those who need to see all the virtual curves of this puppy. Overall, it performs rather well and if Android is truly like this, it'll sure to be a success. Go on and give the T-Mobile G1 a virtual test drive!


Casey Chan