Can't access Ingress Prime? Here's the fix!

Niantic launched its huge update for Ingress known as Ingress Prime which has given the game a fresh new look, and the ability for the developers to start adding new content to the game. Unfortunately, the launch has caused some bugs and issues to pop up when loading up the new version of the game. If you're looking for some help on how to resolve these issues, here are some things you can try.

Error loading Ingress account data

If you've played Ingress before, and installed the new Ingress Prime update, you may be getting a screen that looks a lot like the image to the right. As of right now, lots of users on both Reddit and Twitter seem to be complaining of seeing this message pop-up, and it seems to be a simple case of busy servers.

Many users have reported that waiting for several minutes and trying to load the game up again has solved the issue. This was also my experience loading up the game for the first time. This message appeared on the screen for me four or five times before it finally let me in after relaunching the app several times.

Old data not syncing

Some users have reported a loss of data from there Ingress account when switching to Ingress Prime causing them to start from Level 1 again and with no progress on their account. While some Twitter users have reported that this has fixed itself after waiting several minutes, Niantic has been reaching out to people on Twitter and send them to make a report to Ingress Support.

It's important that you log in to the same account that you used for Ingress if you want your progress to carry over. So double check that you're entering the right account details before you send off a report to Niantic.

Other fixes

As with a lot of different bugs in various apps and games, sometimes deleting the app and then re-installing the app can fix minor bugs. Your results may vary on effectiveness, but if you've already tried waiting and relaunching Ingress several times, it may be worth your time to attempt this method.

Are you experiencing issues with Ingress Prime?

Let us know what problems you're having, and if you've have any solutions!

Luke Filipowicz