Android activation bypassIf you have multiple Android phones, you might now always want keep each device active. But that doesn't mean it's a paperweight. But resetting a phone brings you back to the pesky activation screen in many cases. Luckily you are able to bypass this so that you can access all the features within the phone, without having to actually activate it on your account. The diagram shows exactly how its done, but here's a simple breakdown.

  1. Tap top left hand corner
  2. Tap top right hand corner
  3. Tap bottom right hand corner (above grey banner)
  4. Tap bottom left hand corner (above grey banner)

Following these simple steps will allow you to skip the activation, and jump right back into using your device. The only downside to this is that usually upon rebooting the phone, you will have to do the same pattern, but that's only a small price to pay in comparison to the option of actually activating the device.