Honor 7

Should you be a film buff or an avid mobile gamer, you'll definitely want to check out this latest promotion from Huawei on the company's vMall store. Those who purchase a Honor 5X or Honor 7 from the online store will be able to choose from two free promotional bundles. You can opt for two Gameloft vouchers to download some games on your new smartphone and the 4smarts PLUS virtual reality headset, or just the vouchers and a monetary sign-up bonus.

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The Gameloft vouchers are worth £39.99 each, while the sign-up bonus is £20 for the 5X and £40 for the Honor 7. It's a neat deal and one we strongly urge you take advantage of should you already be on the hunt for either smartphone. Registration kicks off on feb. 23, with the promotion available on Feb. 25 at 9:30am GMT while stocks last. Those in France, Germany, Italy (only the sign-up bonus), the Netherlands, Spain and UK can participate.

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