Bugsnax is officially a PS5 launch title, releasing on November 12

Bugsnax (Image credit: Young Horses)

What you need to know

  • Bugsnax is an intriguing game that has captured the attention of many an unsuspecting gamer.
  • Until now, we didn't have an release date information, but alongside the reveal of the game's cast, we got one.
  • Bugsnax is officially a PS5 launch title, coming to PS4, PS5, and PC on November 12, 2020.
  • We're still not sure if this is a kid-friendly game or an abject horror game, but we'll find out soon enough.

Bugsnax is a very cute-sy, enigmatic game that captures the attention of gamers all around every time it shows up with gameplay. Today, in a new blog post, Sony revealed the full voice cast for Bugsnax, introducing some of the main characters and their real-life counterparts. However, we also got new information we've been waiting on for a long time: a release date.

We new Bugsnax was due for the Playstation 5 sometime this holiday season, but it looks like we have another PS5 launch title, with Bugsnax arriving on November 12, 2020. The game is also coming to PS4, which is great news for anyone holding on to their aging-but-still-great console for a little while longer. It looks like Bugsnax is also up for pre-order on PC, for $25 at Epic Games Store, with a 15% discount for pre-ordering.

As far as what to expect from Bugsnax, that's not absolutely certain. As an emerging journalist, your job in Bugsnax is to head to Snaktooth Island and study the strange, food-like creatures that roam around the place, as well as help the locals out. The game looks very cute and fun, but also looks like it may terrify even the hardiest of players. From the team that made Octodad, it could very well be a little bit of both. Fortunately, we don't have long to wait now, with next-gen consoles just around the corner.

Zachary Boddy
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