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Budget app Simple adds instant money transfer

Simple has released a major update for its finance app for Android devices, including an all new interface and a few new features to help people manage their money.

In addition, the app now allows users to send money to other Simple customers for the first time on mobile via Simple Instant.

The company says, "Sending money to another Simple customer is as easy as adding them as a contact and transferring funds." Also, there's been some updates on the mobile version of the Goals feature to make it easier for users to reach their financial goals.

As far as the new UI for the Simple app, the company says:

"We seriously considered the inclusion of each customer interaction or design element and what it would add to the mobile experience. We simplified the design, relying on color, typography, and animation to guide your focus. The result are apps that feel more fluid, natural, and fun."

What do you think of the new Simple app revamp for mobile devices?

Source: Simple blog

  • Google wallet is quicker-Does all my bank transfers instantly and costs nothing..
  • +1 Exactly Posted via Android Central App
  • Simple isn't just a budgeting app, it IS your bank. It can do everything Google wallet can do and then some. Their goals feature is what really sets it apart, along with their unparalleled customer service. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1,000!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • ^This (Well, almost this. The Simple app doesn't allow you to store loyalty program info and barcodes like the Google Wallet app.) I don't know why the article refers to it as a 'budget app'. It's not like Mint, Simple is actually a bank backed by Bancorp.
  • Simple is free too...
  • I like my bank and don't plan on leaving, but I want a Mint that doesn't suck. Is Simple for me?
  • I suggest trying Check. It's been my favorite app the last few years (formerly known as Pageonce). I'm waiting for my email to try out Simple though, but I have a hard time believing it will take me away from Check. I wasn't a big fan of Mint Posted via Android Central App
  • Check is excellent, especially for keeping track of bills. I login there rather than the Bank of America app.
  • Tried Check, but I've found another app that does it better called Mobilligy.
  • Simple is not an interface for your current bank. Simple IS a bank. They were a startup a few years ago then got bought by Bankcorp. So they are a FDIC backed institution. What sets Simple apart from most banks are no ATM fees, no overdraft fees, no minimums, no monthly fees, simple online and app interfaces and "virtual savings" accounts so you can set money aside for vacations, etc. Their focus is on simplicity and transparency. I just switched to them a few weeks ago from Wells Fargo and had no problem whatsoever. When I had to change my address, I called and actually reached a nice customer service rep who actually understood what to do.
  • To add, Simple has direct deposit and mobile deposit as well. The only drawback is not being able to deposit cash. But that can be solved with a money order.
  • What is cash? Can I get it on my phone?
  • To clarify they got bought by BBVA Compass in march but the accounts are FDIC insured with the Bancorp bank, where the accounts have been since Simple started. Posted via Android Central App
  • Dear AC: Simple is a bank, not just a mint copycat. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Simple is a bank. This is NOT a budget app. WTF Homework.