If you're into running your own blog on Blogger then you'll be pleased to know they have just released the first version of their Android application to the Android Market. They've taken their time in releasing the app due to the fact they wanted to ensure a great experience when using it and they've taken a lot of the features of Blogger and integrated them nicely:

  • Multiple accounts and blogs: You can easily switch between different accounts and blogs that you have author rights to. Simply choose your account and blog and you are all set to go.
  • Write and save/publish: You can write a post, assign labels, and then either save it as a draft or immediately publish it. Saving as draft is handy if you need to wait until you have Internet connectivity.
  • Photos from camera and gallery: If you see something interesting, you can take a photo directly from the app and include it in the blog post. You can also browse your gallery to include the ones you like.
  • Sharing to Blogger from gallery or browser: Blogger is one of the available sharing options. If you come across a photo in the gallery, or a website while browsing, you can share the content to the Blogger app directly from the sharing menu.
  • Share location: You can share your location by activating the location bar and selecting the correct location. This information will be included in your post
  • View saved/published posts: By switching to the List View, you can view all your drafts and published posts that you wrote using the app. By performing a long-press on a published post you can invoke a menu that includes the option to view your post in a browser.

Given that it is the very first release, users are advised to use the feedback forum if you're having any issues or just want to suggest some new features to the Blogger team. You can find the download after the break. [Blogger Buzz]