BlackBerry Priv makes its official debut in India

As expected based on earlier rumors, BlackBerry has now officially launched the Priv in India. At an event held at the Oberoi in New Delhi, BlackBerry India Managing Director Narendra Nayak and Damian Tay ‎Senior Director, Asia-Pacific Product Management at BlackBerry introduced the company's first Android-powered smartphone to the market which will be available in stores across India starting January 30 with a suggested retail price of Rs. 62,990.

If you're looking for more details about the BlackBerry Priv, you'll want to go ahead and give our full review a look. You can also check out the BlackBerry Priv forums for more discussion. Plus, should you decide the Priv is the device for you, check out our five things to know about the BlackBerry Priv article.

  • Poop phone Lam I Am
  • Poop comment.
    phone is amazing! Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • I like it better than my Note 5 so you obviously haven't tried it. You're an idiot. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why do you say that? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The launcher is amazing. I can pin directions to my home screen plus it has very convenient shortcuts to multiple tasks. I also like the vanilla experience. I also like the keyboard and blackberry services. The BlackBerry calendar and BlackBerry Hub are amazing also. I don't like how Samsung picks my default apps permanently automatically and I hate how Samsung gives me the volume warning EVERYTIME I listen to music Posted via the Android Central App
  • That and I like the productivity tab so I can peak into my calendar, contacts and hub while inside any application because it acts as an overlay.
    With DTEK I also found out whatsapp takes my location information 2000 times a week when I send less then 10 messages. So it highlights who and what applications monitor you.
    Added encryption features and security is an obvious. Love the camera, front facing one isn't that great, but I knew that coming in and I'm not a teenager taking selfies anyways.
    Keyboard with swipe shortcuts while typing has now made me hate typing on the screen again. Also using it has 52 customizable shortcuts from opening applications to changing android options without opening anything.
    List goes on, this phone is like no other, and I am happy with it and I think it was worth the $899 CAD I paid for it. The device isn't for everyone, but it has been the best phone experience of my life. I also won't blindly make ignorant comments about other phones, because a phone is a personal choice. Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • Countries where women are disrespected and laws to protect them are 100 years behind should not be PRIVileged to release flagship phones. Whoa...wait...was that a pun?! I came from the gutta now it's all butta
  • Really?? Either u were born yesterday or just too ignorant Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1
    I blame the terrible American media for its outrageous propaganda and not its ignorant brainwashed followers Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • Stop blaming America for world problems. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I didn't blame America for another regions problems. Try reading the post again.
    The ignorant brainwashed followers are the American public who blindly support the propaganda of the main stream American media.
    I'm blaming America for American problems... :) Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • Totally true. The American government has total control over the media which has total control over it's citizens. The American public is the most ignorant people when it comes to world news. All they care about is football, beer, and sex. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's $925! What are you smoking, BB?
    There's no chance in hell one would go for a BB at that price.
  • Pricing is relative to regions. Prince points in the USA are ALWAYS lower than other countries and a straight up "exchange rate" calculation in US dollars is as about as useful as smashing your head against the wall. Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • I know that. But the Priv is costlier than the iPhone 6s!
  • Not sure, can you share the price of the iPhone 6s in India in their currency? Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • The iPhone 6S 16GB model launched at RS. 62,000. The cheapest model FYI. Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • Again, I know that, that's why I mentioned it in the first place. Granted it is the 16GB model, but for a BlackBerry that's still quite expensive, more than the Note 5 in India.
  • Also, I'm not saying it's a bad phone at all. Or lesser than the iPhone or the Note. Just that 63K is an exorbitant price. It should've been priced equal to the Note 5, if not slightly less.
  • Okay, I think the PRIVs price should be dropped, but I also don't know blackberrys strategy. They have a sales target of 5 million units per year, which is extremely low.
    They are marketing it as a secure android device, just as Blackphone is doing, but the PRIV is much cheaper and higher spec'd with more features.
    Phones are worth what people will pay. I also believe iPhones are way over priced but they are great at marketing and everyone knows blackberry is absolutely pathetic at marketing it's capabilities lol Posted via PRIV by BlackBerry
  • Yeah, they do suck at marketing.
  • Its very expensive.
    Current local retail prices in Indian Rupees : Blackberry Priv 32GB: 62,999
    iPhone 6S 64GB: 64,500
    Samsung Note 5 32GB: 46,700
    Samsung S6 Edge+ 32GB: 53,900
    Nexus 6P 32GB: 37,999
    Nexus 6P 64GB: 40,999
    Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 32GB: 57,249