At the launch of the BlackBerry KEYone, we were all told to expect hardware to ship early April. During the BlackBerry Earnings call, right around 29 minutes based on the CrackBerry recap, John Chen had some other thoughts on when the KEYone would be shipping.

The second one, that TCL announced at Mobile World Congress which is the physical keyboard on an Android, that one is not going to be slated to ship until probably the May timeframe.

To follow up, TCL's President and head of BlackBerry Mobile, Steve Cistulli, noted that the company didn't think it could meet demand for the product if it launched in April, necessitating a delay until May.

BlackBerry Mobile never gave a firm date for the launch of the KEYone, but it sounds like the launch timeframe is shifting by roughly a month. This puts the launch of this phone dangerously close to the April 21 launch of the Galaxy S8. On the other hand, the BlackBerry KEYone is going to continue offering something entirely unique in the smartphone world right now, so maybe launching in May won't be a big deal. What do you think?

BlackBerry KEYone


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