Bixby may be even better than we hoped

Samsung's Bixby assistant has enjoyed a rough road to stardom, but now that it's in an open preview for U.S. Galaxy S8 users, we're starting to get the impression that the wait may have been worth it.

One of our forum members, erasat, sums things up nicely for us:

A lot better than expected, so far the commands are great, I love the easiness creating shortcuts, it works great with a location reminder that btw was very easy and fast to create, I'm already in level 5 with 20 minutes of teaching it my voice and most commands. You can turn the phone off, reboot reboot in safe mode, etc... in a summary most of the settings commands are available. If you try to...


The one thing that people keep pointing out about Bixby is how different it is from Google Assistant and Siri, and how capable it is at reproducing what your fingers do to navigate through your phone. Stringing commands together in natural language makes a lot of sense when you realize just how complex some of the apps are that we use on a regular basis.

One member, GRUNT11B, points out that Bixby is better than Google Assistant and Siri for a number of tasks:

I've been at it comparing the same commands with both Bixby and Google Assistant. And can say bixby is winning. And that says a lot as it's still in beta. From system settings to sharing photos. You can get more of a true hands free experience with Bixby.


Another poster, Sapient, isn't quite sold on Bixby just yet, claiming that some things will just be done faster using fingers — but there is plenty of room for improvement given that the service is still in preview in the U.S.

I really want to like it, and I've found a couple of things to be cool, but mostly I find it irritating and slow. I think it is super cool to say "Open camera and take a slow motion video". I find it really irritating to say "Send a message to Pedro" and all I get is a list of apps to open, or maybe a list of the one person in my contacts named Pedro. Where I think it could shine for me is...


What are your impressions of Bixby so far? Like it? Hate it?

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