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We all love our tablets, but sometimes you just want to set it and forget it rather than carrying it around or looking for a surface to balance it on. That's where wall mounts come in, providing both a tasteful and practical answer that looks right out of your favorite sci-fi, like the Koala Mount by Dockem, our best overall choice, with its minimalist design and easy, 1-step installation. Here are the best wall mounts for Kindle Fire available today.

Best Overall: Koala Mount by Dockem

The Koala Mount by Dockem is the best option for anyone who wants a no-fuss, no-muss place to stick their Kindle Fire on a wall without too much hassle. With a sleek, minimal, and unobtrusive design, the Koala Mount is an easy 1-step installation that can be moved around your space wherever you need it next. Simply slide your Kindle Fire into the mounting brackets and enjoy, without fussing with your electrical system or knocking holes in your wall from room to room.

It's also one of the more affordable options on the market, thanks to its simplicity, without sacrificing quality or re-usability. You can even take it on the road and temporarily install it in hotel and guest rooms without worrying about leaving marks on their walls.


  • Easy install
  • Very affordable
  • Sleek and simple


  • The back adhesive will wear out eventually
  • No power integrated connections
  • Offers no additional protection for your tablet

Best Overall

Koala Mount by Dockem

Simply the best

The no-fuss, no-muss wall mount for your Kindle Fire, the Koala by Dockem couldn't make enjoying your tablet any easier.

Best Features: Lex Mounts Kit for Kindle Fire

The Lux Mount Kit for Amazon Fire 7 overpowers the competition by integrating your tablet directly to your home's electrical system, allowing for seamless smart-home use with a stylish twist. When permanently installed next to a light switch or electrical outlet, the Lux Mount both protects your tablet with a sturdy mount and durable casing. Plus, it allows 100% accessibility and use of the device's full features.

While this full installation means you can't just pop the tablet out and wander off whenever you want to make it portable, it does offer security and peace of mind for any worried that their new Kindle Fire might easily wander off in prying hands.


  • Keeps your Kindle fully charged
  • Protects your device from damage
  • Modern and stylish design


  • Requires electrical complex installation
  • Cannot easily remove the device
  • Must be installed next to an electrical switch or socket

Best Features

Lux Mount Kit

Integrated power player

Get the most out of your Kindle Fire with this smart-home set-up. Never worry about losing your tablet or running out of power again.

Best Maneuverability: Joy Factory MagConnect Mount

The Joy Factory MagConnect Mount offers a secure and safe option for mounting your Kindle Fire without sacrificing portability or the use of your device without having to stand directly in front of it. With pivot and twist capabilities, you can spin your Kindle Fire right-round and use it in either portrait or landscape mode, or detach the frame for portability or temporary installation on a stand or an extendable arm elsewhere.

The frame itself offers universality for all tablet devices while providing a sturdy case for protection that doesn't interfere with any of the Kindle Fire's features.


  • Maneuverable to any position
  • Portable to other mounts or stands
  • Offers case-like protection


  • Is not Kindle Fire specific
  • Much more expensive
  • Does not include power-connection

Best Maneuverability

Joy Factory MagConnect Mount

Pivot and turn

See from every angle with the durable yet portable MagConnect Mount from Joy Factory for your home or office mounting needs.

Best Security: TABcare Anti-Theft Enclosure

Is home security more of a concern than accessibility, portability, or integrated connectivity? Then TABcare has you covered with their Anti-Theft Enclosure wall mount for Kindle Fire. Allow this stylishly minimalist acrylic case to keep your device safe from any unwanted attention. This lightweight but durable mounted case firmly secures to any wall with a half dozen screws. It near impossible to tear off, but it also allows adaptability for wall mounted arms or braces.

The only drawback is once you've installed this item, there is no easy access to the device itself and would require a partial disassembly for portability. Likewise, this does not offer electrical integration, so an unsightly power cable will be necessary for longer use.


  • Secure and safe
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple options for mounting


  • Requires permanent installation
  • Does not include electrical integration
  • Must have a screwdriver handy for portability

Best Security

TABcare Anti-Theft Enclosure

Peace of mind

Never worry about your Kindle Fire mysteriously walking away with this durable and decor-friendly design from TABcare.

Best Affordibility: Barkan 360 Degree Rotation Tablet Mount

If cost is more your concern over security, then Barkan's 360 Degree Rotation Tablet Mount is your best option. This universal tablet mount offers ease of accessibility, use, and portability without breaking the bank, or interfering with your enjoyment of the device. With an incredibly easy to use, slip-in tablet feature, a simple yet elegant design, the low-profile 360 Rotation Tablet Mount is your best bang for your buck. Plus, it can adapt to whatever device you choose to use, at any angle you may need,

Depending on which specific model you choose, this mount can hold up to 4 times the weight of the Kindle Fire device, while offering various options for permanent or temporary wall installation.


  • Cost-effective
  • Low profile design
  • Change the angle for optimum viewing pleasure


  • Does not offer any anti-theft protection
  • Does not include electrical integration
  • Is for temporary mounting only

Best Affordability

Barkan 360 Degree Rotation Tablet Mount

Rotation station

Spin twist and turn your tablet however you want with this easy to use and affordable wall mount from Barkan.

Best Adaptability: CTA Digital 2-in-1 Universal Kitchen Mount

Maybe sometimes you want your Kindle Fire to be wall-mounted, and perhaps sometimes you'd prefer it sat neatly on a stand on your desk. Why buy two or more mounts when CTA Digital offers one option that can do them both and more? With their highly adaptable universal mount, you can only install your device wherever you want; you can get full use out of its swivel, rotate, and extending arm.

This mount also comes with a ton of bonus features, like a quick release trigger for easy portability, an included stylus for that all-important digital penmanship, and even the ability to safely and quickly install your device on a ceiling.


  • Cost-effective
  • Highly adaptable to any situation
  • Free stylus included


  • Does not offer any anti-theft protection
  • Does not include electrical integration
  • While universal, it is not explicitly designed for the Kindle Fire

Best Adaptability

CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount

Adapt with the times

Mount it, stand it or stick it anywhere for easy access with this stylish option from CTA Digital.

Bottom line

When it comes to mounting your Kindle Fire tablet to a wall or surface, it's essential to know which features matter the most to you. For our money, the Koala Mount by Dockem is the best bet for a reliable mount. It offers worry-free portability and safety, without breaking the bank or overstocking you with features you may never use.

Other options may complicate their use or included detailed, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating installation processes. The Koala Mount keeps it nice and simple with a reusable sticky-back surface that you can take on the go or leave at home. Its fundamental dependability is why it scores our top prize.

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