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Best Touchscreen Gloves Android Central 2020

Here at Android Central, we're all always on our phones, and we need to keep up, even when the snow starts to fall. As a Canadian from one of the coldest places in the country, I can attest to the necessity for touchscreen gloves, and I can assure you that those following options are the best of what's around. But if you just want the cream of the crop off the hop, grab the ViGrace Winter Touchscreen Gloves right now.

Best Overall: ViGrace Winter Touchscreen Gloves

ViGrace touchscreen gloves and a photoSource: John Salzarulo on Unsplash

For everyday use, ViGrace's line of touchscreen gloves is the best for most people. Made from woven acrylic, they're lightweight and quite soft, which means comfort and warmth without making your hands sweat on warmer winter days. All styles and colors also have an extended cuff, which will keep your wrists warm and help keep snow out of your sleeves.

There are excellent styles for both men and women (in two sizes), with several colors to choose from (black, black and gray, lighter gray, and a really pretty "rose-red"), and all styles have a silicone palm to keep you from dropping your phone in the snow (very nice touch, ViGrace).

Most importantly here, the actual touchscreen functionality reportedly works quite well, according to almost 600 Amazon reviews. I've yet to come across touchscreen gloves that work as though you aren't wearing any, so for these to have 570 5-star reviews is incredibly positive. For the price, you'd be hard-pressed to do much better than these.


  • Lightweight but still warm
  • Great colors
  • Touchscreen actually works


  • Not warm enough for extreme winter temps
  • Not waterproof

Best Overall

ViGrace Winter Touchscreen Gloves

Our pick

For a simple, effective solution to outdoor winter texting, go with ViGrace's affordable, functional, and great-looking gloves.

Best Value: Achiou Winter Knit Gloves

Achiou touchscreen gloves in sunlightSource: Maik Fischer on Unsplash

If you're frugal, then Achiou's gloves are your best option for both low price and quality. None of these styles exceed $12, and you'll still get fairly warm, functional, and rather stylish touchscreen gloves.

These wool-lined knitted gloves have that quintessential winter look, and they're available in four colors. Just index fingers, middle fingers, and thumbs are conductive, and they have non-slip material woven into the palm. The extended cuff helps keep your wrists warm and snow out of your sleeves.


  • Great color options
  • Lightweight but still warm
  • Non-slip palms


  • Not cut out for Canadian winters (eh)
  • Touchscreen functionality can be hit and miss

Best Value

Achiou Winter Knit Gloves

Best color options

If you're budget-conscious, then Achiou's gloves are your best bet. They'll keep you warm, aren't slippery, and will (usually) work with all touchscreens.

Best for Low Temps: Black Diamond Heavyweight ScreenTap Fleece Ski Gloves

Black Diamond touchscreen gloves and a thermosSource: Simon Migaj on Unsplash

While these are sort of meant to be inserts for larger mittens, Black Diamond's heavier touchscreen gloves are your best option for proper cold weather. They're water-resistant, treated with a solution that repels moisture, and the tightly woven fabric helps keep the wind at bay.

The fleece lining is soft and will keep your hands considerably warmer than many of the acrylic options on this list, and their leather palms make these gloves great with or without outer mitts. These may be pricy, but if you regularly see frigid temperatures, they're your best option.


  • Made for more extreme weather
  • Water-resistant
  • Durably made for more active folks


  • Only come in black
  • Fairly expensive

Best for Low Temps

Black Diamond Heavyweight ScreenTap Fleece Ski Gloves

Canada tough

For colder climes, these are the touchscreen gloves you need. Go play in the snow without getting soaked and text and call the whole time.

Best Leather Option: Elma Men's Luxury Touchscreen Gloves

Elma touchscreen gloves while drivingSource: Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

If you want fashion and function, then take a look at Elma's line of leather gloves. There are multiple color and lining options (cashmere, wool, or fleece), all at very affordable prices (nothing over $30). The design is gorgeous, the stitching accent is a nice touch, and they're all pleasantly warm.

The differently colored cuffs add a nice flair, and the Elma branding is kept to a simple sort of "cuff link" and nothing more. The classic color options, with the addition of a vibrant red, are perfect with any attire, and the choice of lining is great for finding your favorite feel.


  • Very affordable for leather gloves
  • Multiple lining options
  • Exceptional colors and overall design


  • Fashion trumps perfect touchscreen functions
  • Not waterproof

Best Leather Options

Elma Men's Luxury Touchscreen Gloves

Lap of luxury

For the fashionable dude, these leather gloves are the best for using your phone in the winter. They're warm, and the customizable lining is a great touch.

Best Active Wear: Cevapro Touchscreen Gloves

Cevapro touchscreen gloves in winterSource: Marcus Bellamy on Unsplash

For people who enjoy getting their hands snowy, Cevapro's touchscreen gloves are water-resistant and windproof, so you can build a snowman, go snowmobiling, or have a good old-fashioned snowball fight while keeping your fingers toasty.

There are four sizes available (small to extra large), so everyone can join in, and the touchscreen functionality works quite well, according to many Amazon reviewers. The elastic cuff also helps to keep snow out of your sleeves, and the rubber material on the palms enables you to grip your phone or your Ski-Doo handles.


  • Water- and windproof
  • Warm for how lightweight they are
  • Touchscreen spots work very well


  • Not for the fashion-conscious
  • Seller's sizing chart is kind of inaccurate

Best Active Wear

Cevapro Touchscreen Gloves

Let it snow

For people who like to remain active throughout the winter and still want to use their phones, Cevapro offers the perfect blend of function and price.

Best Warmth Options: Mujjo Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

Mujjo touchscreen gloves holding a leafSource: Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

Mujjo offers either single- or dual-layer touchscreen gloves, so you can choose which best suits your home climate. These woven acrylic gloves have rubber material on the palms for a firm grip, and unlike most touchscreen gloves, you can use every finger on your phone.

Mujjo's gloves are also a little stretchy, so they conform to your hand better than some other touchscreen gloves, helping make touchscreen functionality that much more accurate. These may only come in one color, but the leather cuff and overall look are likely fashionable enough for most people anyway.


  • Use any finger on your phone
  • Single- or dual-layer options
  • Two-year warranty


  • Only one color
  • Not waterproof
  • Cuff is a snap instead of elastic

Best Warmth Options

Mujjo Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

Great all around

Mujjo's gloves are another one of those "best for most people" options. Though there's just one color, they work well and are still plenty stylish.

Bottom line

We all know that using your phone throughout the winter sucks no matter where you are. So being able to do so without freezing off your fingers is optimal, and with the above options, you don't have to break the bank to do so.

You want to look for durable gloves that actually work with your touchscreen, but that doesn't mean you're limited to the average acrylic pair. ViGrace's line of gloves is the absolute best for most people — the gloves are warm, affordable, come in great colors, and hundreds of people claiming the touchscreen tips work well isn't for nothing. These really work.

Take it from a Winnipegger (dead center of Canada, 40 below in the winter): ViGrace's gloves will do for most climates, so long as you're not hanging out outside for long periods. And whether you're frugal or not doesn't matter; you're getting top quality for a phenomenal price with these.

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