Top five silicone bands for Huawei Watch

Sweat and water-resistant, silicone bands are perfect for handling any activity you can think of!

We found some of the best silicone bands you can use with your Huawei Watch, so you can sweat it out anytime you want.

Reri i silicone band

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The Rerii silicone band is everything you could want from a watch band.

It has quick release pins for easy and frustration-free installation, and it can be adjusted from 120 mm to 170 mm in length, so finding the size that fits you should be easy.

Available in multiple colors such as red, green, sky blue, and black, the Rerii silicone band will fit anybody's style.

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Barton silicone band

Barton's silicone band has a brilliant quick release system that anyone can do with one finger. You won't need to fiddle around with tools, so changing bands won't take time out of your day.

This band has a slightly textured back that is designed to allow airflow between the skin and the band, providing you with comfort throughout the whole day.

Available in a variety of colors such as cool grey, roarange, and soft blue, the Barton silicone band is great at being truly eye-catching.

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JP Leatherworks Rubbertech band

JP Leatherworks silicone band

We know leather is in its name, but the JP Leatherworks Rubbertech band is the real deal.

It's a little thicker than your average silicone band, which means it feels very solid on your wrist and more resistant to your average wear and tear.

The tire tread design may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly stands out in the crowd of plain silicone bands out there.

If you want something a little different looking this could be the one for you.

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MOTONG silicone band

MOTONG makes a plethora of quality watch bands for all sorts of smartwatches and the Huawei Watch is no exception.

This comes with all the new hardware you need to install the MOTONG silicone band, so it's perfect if you want new pins to replace your old ones.

The clasp also comes with a push button close, meaning you never have to worry about your watch band accidentally coming undone.

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Mode bands

Google's Mode bands are perfect for people who want a permanent solution to dealing with those pesky pins.

The bands attach with a quick release mechanism that is super simple to use.

All you have to do is remove your old pins and put in the Mode pins. After that, you just clip on the Mode band and lock it in place.

There are tons of colors and styles available.

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Luke Filipowicz