Best Screen Protectors for the Huawei Mate SE in 2022

The screen is arguably the most vulnerable part of your phone, and while your Huawei Mate SE may be a "budget" device, it's still worth protecting that investment with a screen protector. These are the best you can buy!

Note: The Huawei Mate SE is really just a rebranded Honor 7X, so if you're having a hard time finding "Huawei Mate SE" screen protectors, look up Honor 7X protectors instead, or just choose one from below!

Putting a screen protector on any phone is a prudent idea, even if it's a relatively inexpensive phone like the Huawei Mate SE. For all intents and purposes, your best option is the Supershieldz, which is made from tempered glass and repels fingerprints well.

Mick Symons
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