Best Screen Protectors for the Huawei Mate SE Android Central 2021

The screen is arguably the most vulnerable part of your phone, and while your Huawei Mate SE may be a "budget" device, it's still worth protecting that investment with a screen protector. These are the best you can buy!

Note: The Huawei Mate SE is really just a rebranded Honor 7X, so if you're having a hard time finding "Huawei Mate SE" screen protectors, look up Honor 7X protectors instead, or just choose one from below!

Bulletproof (kinda): Superhieldz tempered glass screen protector (2-pack)

Our pick

Supershieldz's screen protectors are made from durable tempered glass, which is scratch-resistant and, should they break, they won't splinter into sharp shards — just dull chunks. These protectors have black bezels at the top and bottom and are incredibly clear and touch-sensitive, so it'll seem like there's nothing on your phone at all.

$8 at Amazon

Best film protector: IQ Shield film screen protector

IQ Shield's protectors feature a matte anti-glare coating, which also helps to prevent fingerprints and repel water. Like other great screen protectors, this one is exceptionally thin, and the wet install helps keep bubbles at bay.

$8 at Amazon

That's my name: Mr. Shield tempered glass screen protector (3-pack)

You get some great bang for your buck with this 3-pack, and Mr. Shield's tempered glass screen protector has rounded edges so that it feels seamless on your Mate SE's screen. There are black bezels on the top and bottom, and Mr. Shield promises almost 100% transparency. Mr. Shield also offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

$8 at Amazon

Self-healing film: Skinomi TechSkin film screen protector

Skinomi's TechSkin has a self-healing coating, which can repair minor scratches so that it always looks completely clear. Once it's on, the film feels just like your phone's screen, and Skinomi offers a lifetime warranty in case there are any defects.

$8 at Amazon

Great value: Fnova tempered glass screen protector (3-pack)

Fnova's protectors are made from hard tempered glass, which can help keep your Mate SE's screen in one piece in case you drop it. You get three protectors in this pack just in case there are any issues during install or there are other Mate SE users in the house. Fnova's protectors have an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprints.

$10 at Amazon

Cheapest option: J&D film screen protector (8-pack)

If you're looking for screen protectors purely based on value, then this is your pick. You get eight screen protectors for only $7, and they're made from a good quality film that goes on easily. There'll be no residue left behind if you need to take the protectors off, and they're quite clear to help it seem like there's nothing on your phone's screen.

$7 at Amazon

Putting a screen protector on any phone is a prudent idea, even if it's a relatively inexpensive phone like the Huawei Mate SE. For all intents and purposes, your best option is the Supershieldz, which is made from tempered glass and repels fingerprints well.

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