Best Replacement Battery for the Kano Computer Kit

A replacement of the Kano's battery is a tricky thing to find — but it is possible. A battery pack needs to be reliable, charge at an excellent rate, and allow you to leave that experience knowing you're going to be using that product again. With the Kano Computer Kit, you're going to need enough power to run it, so the battery will also need to produce a power of 10W at the very least, as well as support a Type-A USB port. Here are some great options.

You need a powerful, durable and, (most importantly) a versatile battery that can work well with multiple devices. That's why the Anker PowerCore 26800 is our favorite. Not only does the battery have 20W of power to pump into your Kano Computer, but it works with multiple devices, but it's light and portable too.

Aimee Hart