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Having a pocket knife on you at all times is much more helpful than you may think. There is always a job around that having a blade close at hand can fix, even if it is just opening boxes. We've played around with countless knives to bring you some fantastic blades, and some fun ones too. For our money, we chose the Smith & Wesson SWFRS; it's cheap and has several little touches to help you stay safe while driving.

Safety knife


Staff Pick

I like my pocket knife to have more than one function, and the SWFRS doubles up as a knife and a way to escape a crashed car. It has a point to help break a car window as well as a seatbelt cutter built right in. The knife itself as a keen edge as well, so it's not just the other tools that make it worthwhile. Keep this on your belt, or in your car, or, if you are like me, both.

$16 at Amazon
A classic

The classic pocket knife: Victorinox Swiss Army knife

When you think about pocket knives, you can't help but think about the Swiss Army. This knife has been a classic for years and is excellent around any campfire. If you don't own one already, you should, if only for the nostalgia. I especially like the saw blade on this thing; it's extremely helpful.

$36 at Amazon
For the DIY god

DIY goodness: Husky folding utility knife

This utility knife is terrific for DIY projects at home. The foldaway blade can be easily accessed with one hand, and the rubberized handle makes sure it doesn't slip while you cut through drywall or anything else you need. The knife includes ten blades as well, so you will be ready to tackle any project.

$16 at Amazon
Straight Edge

Modern beauty: Gerber Quadrant

Modern living requires a modern pocket knife. This beauty from Gerber has a gorgeous design with a long, straight edge. I love the look of this, especially the bamboo handle, and the flip mechanism is smooth as butter.

$32 at Amazon
Black Ops

Popular simplicity: Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops

This blacked-out Smith & Wesson is a simple knife with a small serrated section at the base and jimping at the top to help you control your cuts when you need to. It's not big or flashy, but it will get the job done at a price you'll like, with a name you know.

$12 at Amazon
Every tool

Everything you need: Letherman wave

Everyone who does any handy work or DIY should own a Leatherman. The Wave is one of the nicest multi-tools I've ever used and elevates the idea of a Swiss Army knife to the next level. Leatherman is so confident in its product it will give you a 25-year warranty when you buy it. That's pretty amazing.

$100 at amazon
Big hunting

Big can be better: XHM Awesome

At 10.8 inches when it's open, this pocket knife barely counts as a "pocket" anything, but the length of the blade makes it far more helpful than other, smaller knives. This large knife also comes with a 90-degree brake to protect your fingers when you close it.

$20 at Amazon
Small and mighty

Sharpest tool: ALPHA TEK Pocket Hunting Knife Sharpener

With all these knives to choose from, you will need a way to keep the edges sharp. This sharpener from ALPHA TEK is the perfect size to fit on your keys and will it keep any knife you need at the correct sharpness for any task. To be ready for anything, you need the tools to fix your tools!

$7 at amazon


Before I moved to the USA, I never really saw the need to have a pocket knife, but the longer I own my home, and the more I get into DIY, the more helpful having one becomes. I especially like the Smith & Wesson SWFRS, and I keep one in my car at all times. I'm a safe driver, I think, but accidents do happen, and it's better to be safe. The seat belt cutter is sharp, and with just a short punch of the butt of the knife in the corner of a window, you can smash it, and clear your way through.

My other go-to pocket knife, and the one that is sitting on my belt right now, is the Leatherman Wave. I love how well the multi-tool works, from the smallest screwdriver to the excellent wire cutters, every tool does what it needs to do. The knife on it is excellent as well, both of them are, as well as the small saw blade that allows you to cut down small sections of wood.

I use them when I go camping for all the little jobs around the campsite, and it helps reduce stress to know that you have a good blade close at hand. I wasn't a fan of pocket knives before, but I'm converted now.

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