Best OnePlus 7 Pro Accessories Android Central 2021

The OnePlus 7 Pro finally here and they were totally worth the wait. Whether you're in love with the all-screen display, find the new or you're just in love with OnePlus's approach to software — I know I certainly am — your new OnePlus 7 is going to be great, but you're going to need at least a few of these accessories for it.

Clear rugged protection: Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick

Ringke has long been one of my favorite case makers because of how wonderfully it balances price and protection. Case in point — pun intended — is the Fusion-X, a robustly rugged case that's also crystal clear. It also comes in black, but Ruby Red is just BOSS.

$13 at Amazon

Thin protection: Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen doesn't make its full case lineup for OnePlus phones, but if they're only going to make one case for a phone, the Rugged Armor the best option. It's a slim TPU case with great protection and awesome looks.

$13 at Amazon

First party feel: OnePlus 7 Pro Bumper Case

This textured case from OnePlus feels fabulous in the hand and is tailor-made to the 7 Pro's every curve and cranny. The "Karbon" carbon fiber version is classic, but the Nylon feels fresher and better in the hand

$35 at OnePlus

I need Warp, Scotty!!: OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Power Bundle

OnePlus uses Warp Charging instead of Power Delivery, but this combo makes it slightly more affordable by bundling another top-quality OnePlus USB-C to USB-A cable with the 30W Warp Charge 30 wall charger.

From $50 at OnePlus

Pocket power plug: Aukey 18W Power Delivery USB-C Charger

18W chargers don't get much smaller than this, and while you won't actually get top speed on this charger with the OnePlus 7 Pro, it's a great little futureproof charger that will charge phones, headphones, power banks, and other USB-C accessories quickly without any bulk.

$20 at Amazon

Charge on the go: Anker PowerCore 10000 PD

The Aukey 18W charger pairs well with this compact 18W power bank from Anker, allowing it to recharge quickly so that it can then top off your OnePlus 7 Pro on the go.

$46 at Amazon

Warp Charge at speed: OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Car Charger US

There aren't any power banks with Warp Charge 30 yet, but at least there's a car charger with it! This brand-new Warp Charge 30 car charger will enable you to give back half your battery in a short 20-minute drive.

$50 at OnePlus

Compact car charger: AUKEY CC-Y12 18W PD Car Charger

It's not Warp Charge, so it won't be the fastest charge possible for your 7 Pro, but this compact USB-C car charger is so small you can pop it in your car and forget it's even there until you need to top off during your drive to the airport.

$17 at Amazon

Popular phone perch: iOttie Easy One Touch 4

The OnePlus 7 doesn't have wireless charging, and the curved back doesn't always play nice with magnetic plates and cases, so for the OnePlus 7, you're better off sticking with the most popular mount on the market: iOttie's Easy One Touch 4.

$25 at Amazon

Get a grip: Popsockets Swappable PopGrips

The OnePlus 7 is a long, slippery bar of Android soap that you absolutely, positively do not want to drop, so do your new phone, your hands, and your sanity a solid and get a PopSocket. You'll need to grip — not want, NEED.

From $10 at PopSockets

The new favorite: OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

The first OnePlus Bullets Wireless were some of our favorite Bluetooth neckbuds on the market and the second generation improves on it in almost every way, from sound to sturdiness to fit. They can also use Warp Charge to top off in a hurry.

$99 at OnePlus

ANC on a budget: TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics' headphones have a comfortable fit for all-day crystal-clear listening, with over 22 hours of playback time from a full charge and excellent noise isolation. You're not going to find better Bluetooth headphones for under $100.

$70 at Amazon

OnePlus's accessory dominance is a necessity

OnePlus has been a master of mobile accessories for a while and that's a skill borne out of necessity. Because OnePlus comes out with a new phone every six months instead of every 12, many casemakers skip OnePlus phones altogether. OnePlus includes a basic case in the box for the OnePlus 7 Pro because finding a high-quality case for OnePlus phones can be a challenge, especially during these early days of the device.

On the case front, OnePlus's included case is okay for light-duty protection, but if you want to slip this slippery little minx inside some heavy duty protection that will still show off its loveliness, you'll want to grab Ringke Fusion-X. Speaking of slippery, whatever case you decide on, please do yourself a favor and grab a Swappable PopSocket for your OnePlus 7. Any extra grip for this heavy and slippery phone is not just a luxury, it's a requirement.

OnePlus's unique fast-charging system means that for fast charging, you're locked in to OnePlus's Warp Charger, but if you want something smaller and more portable, you can grab the AUKEY 18W USB-C charger for pocket-friendly power. It won't charge as fast as Warp Charge, but if you lose it at school or on vacation, you didn't lose your one good quick charger.

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