What are the best lighting accessories for Android photography?

Have you ever tried to shoot some video or photos with your Android phone in lower light, only to have them come out dark and blurry? Then when you turn on the flash, suddenly they're all over-exposed and washed out?

An external light source is a great tool to keep in your pocket if you want to have more control over the amount of light that floods into your shots – and depending on whether you're shooting portraiture, nature shots, or selfies, there's a light accessory to match everyone's needs!

Here are a number of lighting accessories to keep your Android photos and videos looking sharp and professional.

The Pocket Spotlight

♪♫♬ Catch a falling spotlight and put it in your pocket, never let it fade awaaaaaay. Catch a falling spotlight and put it in your pocket: save it for a rainy daaaaaaaaaay. ♪♫♬

The Pocket Spotlight from Photojojo is a super-simple-to-use, reliable light source that fits in your pocket and is good to go in an instant: simply slide the Pocket Spotlight into your phone's headphone jack, turn on the light, and start shooting!

Equipped with a number of different settings to really perfect your shots, Photojojo's light runs on an internal battery and charges up quickly with a USB cable, so you don't have to worry about draining your phone's power-source.

This continuous light source comes packed with dozens of small LEDs, and with settings like full strength, half strength, and strobe, you're more than likely to capture the perfectly-lit shot with these tools in your arsenal.

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Selfie Ring light with power bank

If you're a selfie-addict, then look no further. Ring lights are every selfie-lover's dream, but with some larger ring lights going for $200, it's hard to produce that airbrushed photo effect with another light source.

Enter the Selfie Ring light with powerbank from Raphycool, a portable, snap-on-able ring light that takes your selfies to the next level!

While the light can be used on both your phone's front and back camera, you get the most use out of the Selfie light from, well, taking selfies. With the light, you have three levels of brightness to choose from — low, medium, and high — so you can really pick and choose the brightness of each photo.

With its small size, this ring light is the perfect tool to carry around with you.

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Lume Cube

And though she be but little, she is fierce.

While that line comes from a classic chunk of Shakespearian dialogue, it can also be attributed to the Lume Cube.

The Lume Cube is a durable, rugged, waterproof, resilient little box that makes illuminating your videos and photos a hell of a lot more fun. If you're someone who likes to shoot action or adventure photos and videos with your phone, then the Lume Cube is absolutely the next logical step.

With the Lume app, control the cube's brightness from 1 to 1,500 lumens and the duration of the light from 1/8000 of a second to a continuous flow. Then simply attach the cube to a tripod, mount it to your phone, or simply use it on its own to get the best-lit results.

You can even control up to 5 different Lume Cubes with the app. The lighting possibilities (and adventures!) are endless!

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iBlazr 2 LED wireless flash

Wireless, powerful, and selfie-friendly, the iBlazr is a selfie light and a standard light all rolled into one.

After connecting your Android to the iBlazr via Bluetooth, simply launch your camera app and start shooting your photos. A beam of 500 lumens will automatically synchronize to your camera's shutter and will even work flawlessly with shutter remotes.

If you want, you can even download Shotlight, the camera app designed to work in tandem with the iBlazr 2, and use multiple devices at the same time to really experiment with your lighting.

The iBlazr even adjusts due to temperature: you can set up the right temp of the room to have your photos more evenly colored and balanced.

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How do you light up your life?

Are you a fan of using external light sources, or do you think they're a useless accessory and hassle?

Have you gotten some incredible shots using any of the products above? If so, let us know in the comments below!