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We're keen on teaching our kids to tell the time properly. This is so they know when it's time to go to school, when it's time to go to bed, when it's time to go upstairs and play and let us finish our coffee before it gets cold for once... To do this, a child-friendly timepiece they will be excited to wear is essential. From butterflies to dinosaurs, we have clocked up a tidy selection of watches to get your little one up to speed with all things temporal.

Early learning: Timex Kids Analog Watch

Staff Pick

This classic design reminds us of watches from our childhoods. The easy-to-read dial has fun, colorful numerals. It's water-resistant, and the adjustable strap is washable.

$16 at Amazon

Welcome to the jungle: LED Camouflage Sport Watch

Brave little explorers will love this camouflaged design. The tough-enough looks are backed up by shock-proof and water-proof credentials and the large LCD lights up.

$15 at Amazon

Time is a myth: Dodosky 3D Unicorn Watch

This pretty timepiece features everyone's favorite mythical creature — the ever-popular unicorn — in 3D relief. It's perfect for little wrists on kids as young as three.

$12 at Amazon

Little black number: Kids Analog Learning Time Wrist Watch

If your child is a little more high brow than high fashion, this no-nonsense black option might be of interest. It's lightweight, practical, and durable for school and play.

$13 at Amazon

Game on: Ball Game on the Wrist Watch

This adds a fun dimension with the ball game. The colorful spheres run around the face of the watch. It has an all-in-one design with a scratch-resistant strap and comes gift boxed.

$10 at Amazon

Watchasaurus: 3D Silicone Dinosaur Watch


Add some pre-historic fun to your little one's accessories with this option that features 3D dinos on the strap. Available in different color-ways, we like this bold red choice.

$12 at Amazon

Don't be alarmed: Timex Digital Watch


Kids will like this watch's magical "Indiglo" button below the face that lights up the display so they can tell the time in the dark. There's also a stopwatch, alarm, and a removable strap.

$25 at Amazon

Mice watch: Minnie Mouse Analog Watch

What we love about this watch is that it has "HOUR" and "MINUTE" written on the hands to help children differentiate between the different units of time.

$10 at Amazon

Rainbow on your wrist: Colored Lights Kids Watch

A distinctive timepiece for older children, this has sleek good looks and a clean digital display, but obviously, its big selling point is lighting up that cool, colorful watch face.

$13 at Amazon

Time flies: Dodosky 3D Butterfly Watch

Embossed with beautiful butterflies, the second hand is a flower icon that ticks round — fun —but also helpful to any child confused about too many hands to read.

$10 at Amazon

The color of time: Timex Analog Black Watch

There's something funky about this that brings out the kid in us. It brings a splash of color with the fun numerals. The resin case and washable strap take care of the practicalities.

$30 at Amazon

Sprinkles with that?: Watchitude Slap Watch

One size fits all

Finally, a fun, casual design that kids will enjoy playing with. This has a "slap band" action that wraps the flexible strap around a wrist, adjusting to fit any size.

$22 at Amazon

Time's up…

Any of these watches will help your child learn how to tell the time, but if you want to give them an extra boost in that department, the official Disney Minnie Mouse watch with units on the hands will help the hours and minutes message sink in.

Learning how to tell the time on a digital interface is just as crucial as analog time-telling. And the camouflaged-themed LED sport watch offers a large, clear display which your kid should find easy to read.

We're going old school with our most recommended option though. The blue and red Timex kid's watch is a timeless option that thousands of children have learned how to tell the time on. Why not consider carrying on the tradition for another generation?

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