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Honor divested itself from Huawei at the end of 2020, and it made a lot of positive moves following its rebirth as a standalone entity. Foldables are a key area of focus for Honor as it seeks to regain its global market share, and the brand has also released enticing mid-range and value-focused flagships. The biggest difference is that thanks to its newfound footing as a standalone manufacturer, Honor phones once again come with the Google Play Store and other Google services out of the box, just like the best Android phones. So if you're in the market for a new device, these are the best Honor phones currently available.

Android phones that have pride and Honor

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Honor's latest phones are among its best

Honor Magic V2 unfolded

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I used the Magic V2 extensively, and it is honestly a game-changer for foldable devices. The ultra-thin design makes it look like a regular phone, but you still get all the benefits of a fold-out design. 

The screens are particularly great, and the color vibrancy and saturation levels are on par with what you get on Samsung's devices. What I like the most is the hinge system; it is smoother than Samsung's own hinge, it closes flat, and you don't get a crease that's as visible. What's also great is that Honor was able to cram a larger battery than usual in the Magic V2, and that allows the device to last a day with relative ease.

But I get it; you don't want a foldable yet — in that case, you should look at the Magic 6 Pro. The phone has a great design, outstanding cameras at the back, and you get a 120Hz AMOLED panel that's among the best of any phone, and the latest hardware. There isn't much missing here, and the value you're getting with the device makes it worthy of consideration — the only issue is that it isn't available in many global markets. 

In a similar vein, the Honor 90 is a great mid-range option. It has a thin chassis with an iridescent pattern at the back, and you get decent hardware, good cameras, and standout battery. 

The best part is that all of Honor's phones outlined here come with Google Play services out of the box, so you can get install everything you need from the Play Store and use all of Google's services just like you would on any other device. 

There are plenty of great Android phones available at all price points, and to its credit, Honor's devices hold their own against the likes of what Samsung and Xiaomi have to offer.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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