Best Buy tips the 'Nexus S' on T-Mobile? Maybe, or maybe not

Hmmmmmmm. So Best Buy apparently had up some sort of preorder slot for the Nexus S, a "Pure Google" phone "Only available at Best Buy this holiday season." And the image placeholder points to T-Mobile, eh? So maybe Best Buy knows something the rest of us have been speculating about and will have an exclusive period.

Or -- and you'll have to forgive our cynicism here -- maybe it's just some SEO trickery at work. Wouldn't be the first time we've seen an online store list an unreleased (and occasionally unannounced) phone just to get a leg up on everybody else. Regardless, the link's down now. Oh, and about that "Nexus S" name -- we're hearing otherwise. [Best Buy via Phandroid]

Phil Nickinson