Best Battery Bases for Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is an adorable little gateway device into the world of Google Assistant, smart speakers, and smart home control. You may want to bring it with you from room-to-room during your daily activities, but it's chained to a power outlet. It doesn't have to be, though! There are a few battery bases out there for the Google Home Mini — and here's how they stack up.

Given the Google Home Mini's low price point, there's not much of a price margin for a high-quality battery base before third-party Google Assistant speakers like the TicHome Mini become the more practical solution than a $35 base for a $50 speaker. The grippy silicone and carry strap of the the KIWI can make a Google Home Mini the only speaker you need in a dorm or studio apartment — especially with the included carry strap — but if you want to dress your Mini up for a holiday party, the Ninety7 JOT looks so good in silver!

Ara Wagoner

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