Best apps for planning the perfect holiday party

'Tis the season for holiday parties. From planning Christmas dinner at your house for the first time to hosting the annual White Elephant party for your friends, there is always plenty to get done. If you love throwing parties, but hate the stress of planning them, then we've got good news. There are plenty of great apps that can help you throw an excellent party without losing your mind in the process.

We've got the details for you here!

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If you've got errands to run, friends to stay in touch with, or a potluck to organize, is the to-do app to use. It's got tons of functionality, letting you build specific lists, and it includes the ability to share your lists with friends or family.

With features like reminders, you can ensure that you won't miss an important deadline while getting everything prepped. There is even a home screen widget so that your task list stays present in your mind, even when you're preoccupied with other things.

Download: with in-app purchases)

Google Calendar

Trying to set a date for a party is never an easy task, and it only gets more difficult when you're trying to adjust to the busy schedules of your friends. Google Calendar makes setting a date and remembering that it's coming up easier than ever.

You can create events and share them with everyone who is planning to attend. This includes the option for folks to RSVP and lets each guest set reminders of their own so that they don't show up three quarters of the way through the night. Google Calendar also makes it easy for you to change the date if you need to, and for everyone to easily see their obligations before confirming that they can attend.

Download: Google Calendar(Free)

Cocktail Master

If you want to take things up a notch and deliver an excellent party, then serving up some signature cocktails can most definitely do it. Cocktail Master makes it easy to make complicated drinks that look awesome and taste even better.

You're able to search for specific recipes, or just swipe through what looks good on the screen. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions and images that will let you know what your drink ought to look like when it's finished. The search function also lets you look by ingredient, which means you can take stock of your liquor and find a recipe that will work with it!

Download: Cocktail Master(Free)


Whether you're planning on an intricate four-course meal to surprise your in-laws, or you're opting for simpler finger foods with friends, having the right recipe for the job makes a difference. That's where Yummly comes in, delivering thousands upon thousands of delicious recipes for any skill level.

You can search for specific recipes or by the occasion to find holiday-themed food. You're also able to save your favorite recipes or see similar ones. This way no matter what you want to make, or whether you're looking for some kind of inspiration for the most delicious entrée, Yummly has you covered.

Download: Yummly

Hello Vino

If you're new to planning out a holiday party, or you've started experimenting with different wine pairings, then Hello Vino is the app that you didn't know you needed. It was created to help you find the perfect wine to go with dinner, or to enjoy once everyone else has gone home and you've cleaned up from the shenanigans.

You can search for wines by their grape variety or flavor profile, scan wine as you purchase it, get wine reviews from the pros, and even get specific wine pairings for specific foods. The more you use the app, you'll get recommendations and the ability to highlight wines that you disliked so that you don't accidentally end up with another bad bottle down the line.

Download: Hello Vino(Free)


Once the planning is done, the food is in the oven, and the drinks are prepped, it'll be time to enjoy the party. So of course, you need some music. From the best holiday classics to great music that will have everyone bobbing their head, Spotify is a great option.

You can listen to full albums, create your own playlists, or see what other users have created. You can access Spotify for free or opt-in for the ads free Premium version, and has tons of capabilities with a connected home. This means you can play on your Amazon Echo, Google Home, cast it to the TV with Chromecast, or even play it from your computer.

Download: Spotify(Free with in-app purchases)

Are you planning a party?

For many people, December means time to spend with family and friends. Putting in all the work can be stressful, but hopefully these apps will help take a load off your mind. Are you planning a party? Is there an app you love to use that we missed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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