Best Android Drawing Apps for Kids in 2022

Best tablets for kids 2016
Best tablets for kids 2016

Whether it's for educational purposes, or just to keep your children occupied, you can't go wrong with letting them use a drawing app on your phone or a shared table. Maybe they even have their own "phone" that only stays in the house or has their favorite videos and apps loaded up. Regardless of how you entertain your children, there's an app for everything, and these are the best drawing apps for kids today!

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Simply type the phrase "kids drawing app" in the Play Store, and you'll likely be instantly overwhelmed. But once you start poking through the different drawing apps, you'll find that there are some great, fun, and useful options to download. Our favorite is Kids Doodle (opens in new tab) thanks to the reminder of the Magic Drawing Board from when we were kids. Plus, you can't really go wrong with having more than 20 different brushes and colors to choose from and that "movie mode" turns your kids' drawings into a movie right in front of their eyes.

Those looking to give their children a bit more than just a blank slate, and maybe let them learn a thing or two will want to check out ABC DRAW (opens in new tab). This app will help to teach your toddlers about the alphabet, along with mixing in a few games to keep them occupied for as long as you want. With an easy-to-use tool palette and the ability to learn the alphabet along with tracing animals and other objects, this will be a great go-to app for some time.

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