Bell Canada to carry the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

Good news for our friends in the great white north.  Bell Mobility will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant.  Bell has no new details on their landing page, so we can only assume that the specs will be the same as the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant launching this summer in the states -- which is fine with us, it's a damn monster of a phone.  You can sign up for details and news from Bell at the Vibrant landing page.  Nice to see that Canadian Android phone geeks won't have to look elsewhere to get their hands on a Galaxy and worry about unlocking and paying high tariffs to feed their addiction, and mainstream users will have a chance to see what the fuss over a high speed, big screen Android phone is all about.  [Bell Canada via gadgetOrama]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • We sure it's the Galaxy S Vibrant? Bell/Telus/Rogers HSPA runs on 850/1900 much like AT&T witch means it should be the AT&T Captivate... Wind Mobile runs on 1700MHz, the same as T-Mobile so they could carry the Vibrant...
  • I think the model names are more related to features and case design than radios. And I also think that T-Mobile has the least leverage with Samsung, so the lowest chance of locking down an exclusive handset design or product name.
  • Nice, but I think I may hold out and import an AT&T Captivate if I need to scratch my S-AMOLED itch while exiled up here in Canuckistan. Just something about the basic Galaxy S design that doesn't do it for me, despite the sweet sweet hardware under that cheap looking plastic. The Vibrant is also going to be confusing in the second-hand market up here, since the T-Mobile AWS version will be floating around up here as well.
  • They are all cool phones but come on the Captivate looks like an over sized Blackberry Storm and that just brings back bad memories.
  • Well, the styling was the high point of the Storm when it released, IMHO, and the shame was the rest of the device didn't keep up with the ID. Call me funny, but I like angles and edges on my devices rather than soft curves. And the Captivate categorically does NOT look like an iPhone on HGH, compared to the other Galaxy S variants (even the Epic).
  • I agree with Daedalus about the Captivate looking like a BB Storm. I actually find the DroidX more attractive then the whole Galaxy S lineup. I'm hoping for a GSM/HSPA MilestoneX!
  • I'm with you on that brother, but I fear we're looking at another 6 months minimum before there will be a NAM GSM version of the DroidX. That leaves us with the Galaxy variants and the Sony X10 for 4"+ big screen Android devices up here for the rest of the year. And we all know why friends don't let friends buy an X10. :)
  • This one looks like the one that is going to Cellular South. I did not see a name for theirs though. I read at Android-Center that this will have a front facing camera. Still don't like the skin.
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  • Hmmm… I think I like ‘the look’ of this one better than the Vibrant, but I am a Bell customer. The Vibrant looks a bit too much like an iPhone. I wonder if it has the front facing camera? All else being equal, I would consider switching providers when the time comes.
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  • I was speaking with a Bell rep today and asked him about the iPhone 4 and it's availability. He started talking me up about the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant and how I should get that one instead. It has to be available now or at least relatively soon or he wouldn't be trying to get me to choose that one over the iPhone(which is quite difficult to get in Nova Scotia)