In Dre we trust

Current users can carry on as normal, also get an extended trial period

You probably know Beats Music launched yesterday. With an Android app, 7-day trial and special deals for AT&T customers and all. It was a pretty big deal for Dre and his posse. Looking at user feedback around the Internet, it looks like it was a pretty big deal for customers, too.

Maybe that is part of the reason why Beats had to stop taking new customers so they could fix a few things. In a post on their blog, and in a message they sent to subscribers, they say "Due to the extremely high volume of interest in our service some users are experiencing issues." They go on to say that most people aren't affected, but they still want to slow things down a bit while they get out the wrenches and make some adjustments. Hopefully, these fixes will help the Android app, as we're seeing some wonk with fetching lists and streams, as well as some general UI bugs. 

Users who claimed their name already still will have it, and Beats will let you know how to proceed. For the rest of us, they say to install the app and register, and they'll get things sorted ASAP. They are even throwing in another 7-days of free trial for folks who registered this week to make up for the hassle.

Making the next Spotify or Pandora is hard — even if you're Dr. Dre or Trent Reznor. We'll wait and see how things progress.

Source: Beats Music