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Barnes & Noble Nook to be sold soon at Best Buy

The Barnes & Noble Nook, the Android powered e-reader soon will be hitting a bigger audience. Barnes & Noble and Best Buy just announced a partnership that'll allow Best Buy to sell the Nook in their stores. Previously, the Nook was only available online or through Barnes & Noble retail stores--that sort of limited distribution severely hindered the potential growth of a rather powerful e-reader. Now with the Nook at 1,070 Best Buy stores across the nation and online at, we can see if the Nook can really take off.

We haven't kept up with the Nook since its launch but we always expected it to do great things. If anything, you can root it to make it so. The Nook will be available for $259 on April 18th. Will you buy a Nook now that it's easier to get? [businesswire]

  • Initially I was going to get this e-reader but then I discovered the Alex e-reader. After their poor reviews, I'm back looking at the Nook. However, with so many e-readers out there and their unique features, not sure which one to get!
  • I agree with the first poster. There are far too many e-readers, all with their own formats, and none that I'm aware of are cross compatible. Hopefully the iPad at least serves as catalyst to get a standard going for e-readers so we can make an educated decision when we set out to purchase one, especially if text books start showing up in electronic formats.
  • I think I will wait for a tablet PC. I do not like the iPad, but I will certainly be getting a tablet. Maybe the Adam?
  • But that's the issue -- I want a small hand held device to read books while traveling. A tablet PC is too much. That's the beauty of the Kindle, Nook, Sony e-readers, etc... Small compact devices to read books!
  • I have a nook, and I have to say I love it. You can read just about anything out there except Amazon ebooks on it. That's why I decided on the nook.
  • I too have a Nook, received it in February, and I love it. I was not a fan of the Kindle, because of the keyboard, but the touchscreen on the Nook is great. Maybe Best Buy will carry some of the accessories for it also!
  • I love my nook. It is the perfect size and the eInk is very easy on my eyes.
  • Love the nook, and it has already been hacked if that is what you are into. So far the hacks are fairly useless (a web browser that works only on wifi, some of the usual twitter stuff, etc). The nook is an ereader, and anyone trying to make it more than that is up the wrong tree barking. But it is a very elegant ereader, with direct purchase capability from B&N and sideload capability from everywhere. Kindle will be sold by Target. Once they tell you the price at target,
    they have exhausted their technical knowledge. With Nook at Best Buy there is at least a possibility of good technical support. But I don't really understand this move. After all, I bet you won't find many Best Buy stores in Town without A Barnes and Noble. They usually are within spitting distance of each other.