Barnes & Noble Nook to be sold soon at Best Buy

The Barnes & Noble Nook, the Android powered e-reader soon will be hitting a bigger audience. Barnes & Noble and Best Buy just announced a partnership that'll allow Best Buy to sell the Nook in their stores. Previously, the Nook was only available online or through Barnes & Noble retail stores--that sort of limited distribution severely hindered the potential growth of a rather powerful e-reader. Now with the Nook at 1,070 Best Buy stores across the nation and online at, we can see if the Nook can really take off.

We haven't kept up with the Nook since its launch but we always expected it to do great things. If anything, you can root it to make it so. The Nook will be available for $259 on April 18th. Will you buy a Nook now that it's easier to get? [businesswire]

Casey Chan