Baby Yoda desserts are a thing now

Baby Yoda cookies
Baby Yoda cookies (Image credit: San Antonio Current)

The first time you saw The Child from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus, or Baby Yoda as everyone calls him, didn't you just want to eat him up? Dessert-makers all over had the same idea and went to work. From extravagant cakes and pies, to well-decorated cookies, to coffee drinks you can order now at Starbucks, there are plenty of sweet options to gobble up the Baby Yoda goodness. Enjoy!

You can eat them warm or you can eat them cold

We expect to see more tasty treats bearing the likeness of The Child, because Baby Yoda is the cutest and most delicious addition to the Star Wars universe since porgs (tasty, tasty porgs). If you live in Central Texas you can order our favorite dessert of the bunch, the spectacular Baby Yoda cake. Custom cakes like that can be pricey, so maybe you're better off trying to build one yourself at home. You could also try using The Force; it's great for helping cakes rise.

We're not artistic enough to attempt the Baby Yoda Pie or the Baby Yoda latte art, but we'd certainly try making some Baby Yoda cookies at home. If they don't turn out quite right, you can just eat the adorable mistakes or turn them in for the bounty of beskar steel.

Philip Berne