Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Chris is fluent in all mobile languages. Having been a member of the Smartphone Experts community now for nearly three years, you can often find him here on Android Central over at CrackBerry and sometimes even at iMore. If you find Chris wondering around your local neighborhood, please point him towards the nearest electrical outlet and toss him a can of Full Throttle energy drink.

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Contest Winners - Lookout Premium, Android Stickers, Pocket Legends Costume and Unlock Codes

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If you aren't already a registered member of Android Central, how do you expect to win free stuff from us on a weekly basis? With another week behind us, that means another batch of lucky winners to be announced. If you are one of the lucky winners, congrats, and if not, continue to join us in the contest forums throughout the week for your next chance to win! Winners are listed after...