LG Audi watch

**Update Jan. 7: Turns out when we were told this watch was running a variation of Android Wear, that wasn't exactly correct. Check out our exclusive hands-on!

Update: We have confirmation from LG that this is an LG watch made for Audi, running a variation of Android Wear. LG is working on a webOS based wearable, but this is unrelated.*

At the Audi press conference at CES 2015 today, Audi hailed a series of partnerships with leading tech firms including LG, Samsung Display and NVIDIA as the carmaker unveiled new Android Wear-supported in-car systems. But the press conference wasn't call cars — Audi board member Ulrich Hackenberg kicked things off by summoning an Audi Prologue onto the stage using a mystery smartwatch.

The technology to integrate wearables with Audi's in-car systems was developed in partnership with LG, company execs revealed on-stage, however the model Hackenberg was wearing — a premium wearable with a leather strap — didn't match any design we're familiar with. The device appeared to be running an Android Wear-like interface, with an Audi watch face and additional options accessed by swiping right. The watch's three-button setup also differentiates it from current Android Wear offerings.

It's unclear at present whether this device is a future consumer LG smartwatch, or simply a one-off designed for this Audi demo. We're currently tracking down more info on this mystery wearable, and we'll update this story as more details become available.

Regardless, this is certainly one of the classiest smartwatches we've come across.