AT&T's best phones: The iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II

Somewhere, a Windows Phone is weeping. But right now we're going to take a look at the top Android smartphone and the top ... other ... smartphone on AT&T -- the Samsung Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4. Yeah, WP7 has pretty much secured the No. 3 spot, but, frankly, we feel it needs another cycle or two to really work out the kinks.

So ease on past the break for the briefest of walkthroughs of what's easily the best Android smartphone on AT&T versus the elephant in the room. And if you've yet to do so, check out our standalone walkthrough of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Why does the video continue for 8 minutes when the content ends at less than 3 minutes?
  • I love that the video is 8 minutes long, but the content is only about 2 minutes. I thought it was like a hidden track scenario, so I went all the way to the end!
  • The iPhone is puny but beats the crap out of the Galaxy design-wise.
  • With the iPhone 5 likely releasing next month (it's gonna be announced at an event on October 4th, and Apple typically releases products not long after they've been announced), wouldn't it make more sense to wait and compare the iPhone 5 with the Galaxy S II? I'm no Apple fan, but it seems sorta unfair to compare a phone that's over a year old (iPhone 4) with a phone that hasn't even been released yet (AT&T Galaxy S II).
  • You compare to what you have at the time. If he waited, there would surely be another Android phone coming down the pike, and then he would have to wait for that phone, then the next phone. As you can see it just doesn't work. There is no rule saying Phil can't release another comparison later.
  • True, but iPhones only come once a year. I fail to see why he didn't just compare the iPhone 5, to the best AT&T Android phone that comes out around that time (which will likely still be AT&T Galaxy S II). Eh, whatever. It's their site, I guess they can do whatever, and you're right, they could do another comparison later, but still, this one doesn't make much sense. Sorta like comparing a ripe red apple (Galaxy S II) to a browning apple (iPhone 4).
  • Turn that around:
    Iphones only come once a year. So why should they get to dictate the comparison cycle? Look, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola can all manage multiple simultaneous product development cycles for a wide variety of devices, and have a new phone coming every 6 months or LESS. Why can't Apple? They got more money than God. Why should they force the industry onto their cycle just because they are too lazy to come out with versions?
  • Yes, you're right in that Apple shouldn't be the one to dictate the comparison cycle, but regardless, don't you find it nonsensical to compare a phone that's over a year old to an unreleased one? Especially when the successor to the older phone is likely to be released in about a month?
  • I find it fair to compare the Galaxy S II to the iPhone 4. Why? The Galaxy S II has been around since over half a year ago. It may not have been released in the US but it's not as new as you think.
  • Actually the Galaxy 2 has been around in the rest of the world for months now. Its only just coming state side now. Plus the real comparison will be the iphone 5 vs the upcoming Prime. That is until the android quad cores come out next spring.
  • okay, well.. he's comparing 2 phones. not Android with iOS or Apple with Samsung.. he's making the best of what's available at the time to him. There's plenty of people who want to join ATT and want to know, if iPhone4 is better/worse than Samsung Galaxy S II. So there's nothing wrong with someone doing a comparison like that.
  • The Galaxy D3 is going to be released in the Q1 of next year it is rumored to have a huge resolution bump quad core processor 4.7 inch screen and NFC. Iphone's cycle is dated and will get owned. Google's open handset Alliance is doing what they wanted to do to apple and succeeding. Release so many phones and let them be open source so that the curve of user experience improves exponentially. Not to mention that Ice cream sandwich is getting rid of fragmentation and will be one OS for all Android phones.
  • I'm an Android fan first, but if you call dated, buggy, poorly supported phones managing product development then yes you're right. Apple may only do 1 phone a year, but at least they do a thorough job, which is more than I could say for Android manufacturers. Maybe THEY should take a few tips from Apple about product development cycles and stop releasing the same exact crappy phones with bugs and poor support multiple times a year.
  • me too! android fan first and i agree with your statement!
  • Count me in as well. I'm an Android & Windows Phone 7 guy and I 100% agree with this statement. Android should move to a cycle like iphone and windows phone 7 (especially windows phone 7 in this example) where they release 2-3 of their top of the line phones once a year, and do the mid range to budget range phones to fill out the rest of the gap (maybe on or two a year). If they did that, it could be awesome and grant the OEM's more than enough time to put in the latest technology available to them in addition to getting their software optimize to operate just as fluidly as the Samsung Galaxy S II. At this point, there's no reason why all android phones can't produce the performance of the Galaxy S II.
  • Even though your right companies want to make phones available to every type of consumer, low end, high end, keyboards, no keyboards, small screen, big screen, just look at the big picture, because what you get is Choice.
  • This explains why I chose an iPhone 4 over the thunderbolt. Very good explanation.
  • Dated and buggy sounds just like an iPhone! It's still light years behind Android in terms of features, its hardware is yesterday's technology, it's full of bugs that nobody wants to admit it has. Sorry but Android is doing just fine the way it is. Sounds to me you are just a little bitter Apple has some competition. Android fan first? You sound more like an Apple fan to me. If Apple does it right then stick to their products.
  • i also agree with you, as much as i dont like apple, it is one thing they do that i wish google/manufacturers did and thats get something right, and making sure it's right, before the move on to the next thing...i.e. apple had computers right before they moved onto laptops, and then ipods, and then iphones, and then needs to follow suit
  • Totally. I've got a Samsung Vibrant and it's been nothing but laggy and crash-happy since I got it. And it's, I think, a little newer than the iPhone 4. My girlfriend's got the iPhone 4 and it just works. There are a lot of cool things about Android, so I don't see myself ever making the switch to the iPhone, but I'm pretty sure I'm done with Samsung forever.
  • That's why they have nicely designed smartphones. Because they spend more than 8 months on each device vs android manufacturers who spend only 3 months on design.
  • That's why they have nicely designed smartphones. Because they spend more than 8 months on each device vs android manufacturers who spend only 3 months on design.
  • It's hard to compare it to something that isn't even out yet. By that mentality you might as well wait for the prime and then compare it to the i5. The sgs2 has been out for months now just because it is now just coming to the US does not change the fact.
  • Don't forget that the Galaxy S II is like 8 months old. We in the United States are just now getting it.
  • Well the SGS II has been out since like May or sooner, just AT&T is late at getting it.
  • To be fair I think Phil's video was the two best phones on AT&T. What the hell else could he of said, he gave his opinion that those were the two best phones and I have to agree. I would take the Galaxy s2 over the I-Phone in a heart beat but I am an Android fan.
  • Like a kid reviewing his best toys the week before Christmas.
  • Me thinks Phil made a mistake in editing and uploading the video.
  • How is the infuse not better than the iphone?
  • Pretty simple, the SGS2 is better than the infuse. If you want the infuse, the SGS2 is even better. If you don't want the SGS2, you probably don't want the infuse. In that case, you probably want the iPhone 4. Therefore, for most people, the best phone will be either the SGS2 or the iPhone 4. Basically, the SGS2 kills the infuse, not the iPhone 4.
  • Pretty sure Blackberry outsells WP on ATT
  • Quite the "walkthrough". Welcome to our video. This one has a glass back. This one has plastic. Well, that's about it. Thanks for watching. I can't wait until next month, when they will compare and contrast the location of the volume buttons.
  • I had an iPhone 4, but I can not wait to get my hands on a new Galaxy S2. Both have their own ups and downs, but I NEED the 4.3 inch SAMOLED !!!
  • why does the title at the begining of the video say att galaxy s ii vs sprint galaxy s ii
  • the real comparison will be when the Nexus Prime and iPhone 5 are released.
  • Crackberry Kevin is going to whip you. BB is still number 3.
  • Maybe thry shoul compare iPhone 4 ( with A5) verizon with Samsung Galaxy S2 International.. Because both phones came out same time this year around April!
  • Verizon iPhone came out in February.
  • There are other phones on ATT as good as the iPhone 4. Namely the Captivate and the Infuse.
  • Those are both pretty good (I owned a captivate before I got my Atrix), but the iPhone's software is built for one device (including applications, etc.) So performance is not the biggest factor when comparing.
  • As much as I want to agree with this... I just cant.... I remember about a year ago, on this site, reading that the best phones available on ATT were the Iphone 4 and the Samsung Captivate. Since then Samsung has released the infuse 4g, which IMO is a pretty nice phone. Now they release the GS2 and somehow, the captivate and infuse get lost in the wind and are no longer apart of the creme of the crop? IMO it just seems as the headline is just cliche for anyone who wants to compare an Iphone to the newest phone out for android to date on ATT... but the iphone is over a year old, so to me it isnt fair in the least. IMHO the two best phones on att are the Infuse 4g and the SGS2.... Dont even see how the iphone 4 compares, and if it does compare to technology that is released months after its been available... then I hate to say it, but apple is doing something right
  • I'll stay with Sprint. Never had a problem with Sprint and they don't rape me with overpriced rates & bogus charges. But hey, it's what works for me.
  • that was a horrible review...
  • The third best is the Atrix...
  • This article is a bad move all the way around. Now any improvement over the iPhone 4 makes the 5 look like it tops the GS2 all because you compared the first two. Not to mention as someone else said there have been other phones to come out on AT&T that topped the iPhone. Its like if those don't top the GS2 then somehow magically they don't top the iPhone 4 either. I see this done all the time with Android phones. People wont deny that a phone tops the iPhone when its first released but some months later after better phones are released and the hype is gone it magically becomes inferior to the iPhone. Next year the GS2 will be inferior to the iPhone 5 when the GS3 comes out. This.comparison should be done with the Captivate. That would be the two best phones on AT&Tn
  • This article has Rene Riche's name written all over it, seriously. And as of late, he's been on the warpath with fanboyism, which is saying something since he's easily the biggest crapple fanboy to date. I this iPhone 4 is still a solid phone, but saying it's the best, second only to the new SGS2? Bullshit. There are at least three great phones that mollywhop on iPhone 4. HTC Inspire, Samsung Infuse, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Captivate. How are more powerful, more capable and outright faster phones not considered the "best"? I get that iPhone being the only other noteworthy platform is important to make a comparison to, but saying it's the best? No.. just, no.
  • ...this is OFF-TRACK,but i always tell my friends that reading these forums can also help when picking a phone.Eveyone cant always be right,but the collective minds/expieriences on these blogs can give a lot of in-sight.PHANDROID and ANDROID CENTRAL are two of my favorite ANDROID sites.
  • Hey Phil!!! AT&T pulled their acknowledgement of the Samsung Galaxy S-2, Announcment, Pricing and Availability Date of October 2 off their Twitter account- "I smell a fish"!
  • I love android, and have a great android phone but.... Just the fact that they are comparing a BRAND new Galaxy S II to a phone that is well OVER one YEAR old is telling you something. Certainly should do another review when the iphone5 is released, I would be curious to see how that renders the comparison.