Attention all ____________ users: Google will now target ads at you

Google today announced a net strategy for AdWords, targeting users by directly depending on which carrier or device they use. That will let advertisers more directly reach consumers if they so choose, but it doesn't mean that you'll no longer see ads for, say, an iPhone while you're surfing on your Motorola Droid. Advertisers will have a choice. (Interestingly, though, options are to target iPhone/iPod touch, Android and webOS -- Symbian and Windows Mobile are shut out.)

Also, ads that link to mobile downloads are being refined so that they'll only appear on devices that can actually use that app. So, no Super Monkey Ball ads should show up on the Nexus One. And for ads of apps that your phone does support, Google's working to make it so that you'll see a "Download" link and not just a URL. Cool. [Inside AdWords]

Phil Nickinson