AT&T LTE launches or expands in over a dozen markets

Several new markets across the U.S. will be seeing new or expanding AT&T LTE network coverage starting today, bringing faster network performance all around. Users in the following cities with LTE-enabled devices and accounts should see the network go live:

Additionally, AT&T is expanding its LTE coverage in the following three markets today as well: Salinas, Calif.East-Central Miss., and Reno, Nev.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Started seeing T-Mobile LTE around Dayton too. Now Sprint is the only carrier that's MIA.
  • Sprint's killing me here in Miamisburg. Wimmax was skipped and now not even a hint to LTE. T-Mobile keeps looking better.
  • I still primary use N7000 with no LTE. It seems that in LTE areas that ATT is diverting more and more back haul and/or spectrum to LTE and performance is regularly decreasing. I make that assumption because I don't think non LTE devices are increasing and in fact more folks should be migrating to LTE. It is important to maintain LTE but a shame that HSPA has to suffer. I will be getting a HTC One NUE for the LTE. Posted via Android Central App on GT-N7000
  • Hmm, you would think they would update their coverage maps. No difference in the map in MN.
  • Come on T-Mobile...I'm about to be leaving you for EvilT&T
  • AT&T launched LTE in Orange County NY on 5/31 and they have yet to make any announcement on it. Weird.
  • Funny... it has been on in my area now (Central Valley California) for the past week and a half. No mention of it here, their site or coverage maps. Not that I'm complaining. Quite the opposite. The speed is amazing.
  • Got plenty of AT&T LTE in my area and 4G HSPA+ even in the boonies. T-Horrible doesn't even have 3G.
  • I was really jazzed about this until I did some speed tests and found that its still about half the speed of Verizon in the same area. AT&T needs to enhance their back haul ASAP.
  • Yes! More AT&T LTE coverage! I have Nexus 4 and can't use it anyways. Darn it! Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App