AT&T LTE expands or rolls out in seven new markets across the US

Another week, another grouping of markets getting or expanding their AT&T LTE network footprint. Each time we get a new set of cities they seem to be smaller and smaller, indicating that AT&T has covered many of the largest markets and is working to fill out its complete nationwide network. Users in the following cities with LTE-enabled devices and the correct plan provisioning should see the network available now:

Don't expect these announcements to slow down any time soon, though. AT&T still has a lot of ground to cover, and they're going to be sure to let us know what the progress is.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Now..
    If they could figure out a way to roll out some affordable plans they just might have something.
  • Just as costly at big V Posted via Android Central App
  • And this is why I stick with Sprint. Unlimited data on 3G kind of sucks, but unlimited data on 4GLTE with way less congestion is priceless. From the DARK AC App!
  • Just wish I had 4g in my area. Starting to think I should have gone with AT&T! Posted via Android Central App
  • I wonder how long before they get within 50% of the markets Verizon has.
  • The funny thing is their 4G is faster than Verizon's LTE in many areas. For instance at my house I'll get 8-10Mbps down with AT&T 4G, and only 3-6Mbps down with Verizon LTE. AT&T's LTE seems to be about 30-55Mbps in most of my tests.
  • "The funny thing is their 4G is faster than Verizon's LTE in many areas" For now.
  • Two words Nassau and Suffolk county's!
  • So, I think.AT&T may have coveted more ground than you might think. I live in Townsend, about 15 minutes away from Fitchburg, and for awhile all I could get was HSPA+ But all of a sudden I starter getting LTE, no announcement or anything.
  • happened here too no LTE in my town ... was north south east and west then one day i walked out of work and BOOM LTE no annoucement
  • How was the HSPA+? I'm considering going to AT&T, and that's what they have where I am. However, 4GLTE is 10 minutes away from my home. I'm hoping it will continue to stretch this way.
  • So.. Why is this even news? I don't recall every other day updates when Verizon was building up their 4g. What a total waste of a post that finally annoyed me enough to waste my time to reply.
  • bitter much ?
  • Free publicity - plus they get to remind you that they are catching up to Verizon while leaving the other cellphone providers behind. Plus as an AT&T customer, I always read these things as I do travel from time to time. Always good to see if a place I frequent shows up.
  • Announcements like this help those of us not on AT&T and considering switching. I'm considering GoPhone service now that their is access to LTE. Please don't waste our time if all you're going to do is complain.
  • My point was this post and all the others like it are a waste of time for everybody who is not on MCI. Waste 80% of readers time to benefit 20%?? Great plan there. Unless of course.. MCI owns and is scamming free advertising that way. I hadn't considered that.
  • That's what Visalia needs...more 4G coverage! Um no, they need less meth.
  • Porterville has more meth than Visalia by far. But what does this have to do with LTE coverage? Posted via Android Central App
  • I was nice to find AT&T LTE turned on here in Ilwaco/Long Beach, WA, since we are here for a couple weeks using an AT&T hotspot for our internet needs. The data speeds are not that fast, 6GB down, instead of the 4GB down of "4G" (H*) here, so AT&T did not improve the backhaul at the same time. Verizon is extended network on US Cellular towers here, so our Android phones are slow. Across the Columbia River in the Astoria, OR area, Verizon has spotty LTE. What I liked is that AT&T updated their online coverage maps quickly, something Verizon has not been good at. I checked a couple weeks ago and this area was AT&T 4G, now the maps show 4GLTE.
  • I find it interesting that Brainerd, Mn now has LTE yet Rochester, Mn-- home of a world-renowned medical facility-- does not.
  • I have AT&T but I also have a Nexus 4. 4GLTE does not concern me does it? Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App