AT&T HTC One X demo units sighted

The AT&T HTC One X is now available to pre-order, and it seems the network may be preparing to show off demo units in store, as evidenced by the latest photos sent our way by an anonymous tipster. Besides that, there's not a whole lot to surprise regular readers here -- it's an HTC One X, on AT&T, with the carrier's branding proudly displayed atop the screen. It'll launch on May 6, and we're expecting it to be just as good as its international Tegra 3-flavored sibling.

Check past the break for a couple more sneaky pics, and be sure to drop by the comments and let us know if you'll be picking one of these babies up come May 6.

Thanks, anon!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Just checked it out at the AT&T store. That thing is freaking huge!
  • No not when your coming from a G Note.... like me ;)
  • same here.. everything else feels micro in comparison.
  • That's what she said.
  • Ya just couldn't resist ... could ya ... ;)
  • Pretty sure she didn't..
  • I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July, but I'm pretty sure this is my next phone.
  • Does AT&T still let you upgrade if you are within 20 days of your upgrade date?
  • Check it out here: ATT Upgrade. Dial *NEW# to see if you qualify. Their policy is 20 months.
    You are asking about 20 months minus 20 days? Why not just wait the 20 days and see if there are a lot of problem reports? Availability isn't till the 6th, which is 14 days.
  • I was just asking because they let me do it once. My upgrade isn't until 6/21 and if they let me upgrade 20 days early that would give me a date of 6/1.
  • Yeah they probably will. Call the number for the AT&T website, not 611. Should be 18663910749
  • The actual date doesn't matter, I think it's just there for record keeping honestly. You can upgrade the first day of the month, of the month you are eligible. I've done it for years.
  • Sounds good thanks. Looks like I'll be picking one up come June 1st.
  • When you dial that number, you get an automated response with your upgrade date. But it is so tailored for an IPhone upgrade. BLAH!
  • Got to play with one today. I drooled, cleaned it up, then drooled again.
  • Called my local store to see if they had a demo unit. Me "Hi. I was wondering if you have a demo unit of the One X that I old check out before I pre order it?" Clueless AT&T Rep "The what?" Me "The HTC One X. You guys are supposed to be taking pre orders today." Clueless AT&T rep "Never heard of it." I can't sand those reps. Why work in a phone store if you have no interest in phones? I'm buying fom amazon. I'm tired of paying these dopes salaries.
  • LMFAO comment of the day. I've never ran into that downtown Chicago, but out where I live (Suburbs) The reps know absolutely nothing. Makes me almost want to take their job and hire someone worthy who actually loves talking about phones and would might want to work in sales.
  • Where is this store?
  • I had the same issue in the town I used to live in (Morehead Ky), idiot sales people who didn't have a clue about their jobs or the device's on the market.
    Last November (might have been late October) I walked into the store looking for a case for my SGSII. I had just gotten my GSM GNEX (this was a few weeks before Verizon released their version) and was still on the fence about it and mentioned that I wished I ordered the Note instead.
    First the guy had no clue what the Galaxy Nexus was, then he tried telling me I wasn't an AT&T customer and had Verizon service.. After a 15 conversation on how I ordered the device from overseas and it was a unlocked version he caught on.
    When I mentioned the Note again he says "why would you want to carry a tablet instead of a phone? You can't make calls on a tab. ".. I said no, it's a phone, kind of like a hybrid.. He had never heard of it, I ended up having him Google it and then pointed him to AC's website so he could educate himself. Irked me, here's a guy who's JOB is cellphones and the average Joe on the street knows more.
    Most likely an iPhone user anyways..
  • Lol I hate when I read comments about reps and how dumb they are. Some of us do visit here ya know! I know our store is pretty stoked about the One X. Much more so than the Lumia 900. But I guess it just depends on what store you go to.
  • Haha. Not you. Sorry about that. But I'm telling you, at my store, they really have no clue. It's a rel turnoff.
  • Damn, I'm at a crossroads. I plan on getting a new device with the bonus I'm getting at work. Without contract. On one hand, I can get the AT&T branded version of the One-X with it's superior processor (I hear the GPU is better) and LTE for about 600, tax included. OTOH, I can get the unbranded unlocked version of the phone with a 32 GB of space and quad core processor (though it has an inferior GPU). But no LTE. Which should I get? From all the alleged leaks and specs of the GS3, I'm thinking I'll be passing on it, too.
  • Actually, the CPU is better, not the GPU. If you're in an LTE area get the AT&T one. If not, International.
  • I am in an LTE area.. and a pretty strong one at that. But for some reason, I've never had much interest in LTE, especially since my work provides Wifi and because it sucks battery life like a mother. How much better is the Krait processor over the Tegra? Man, that extra 16 gb of space does sound nice.
  • Do you play games at all on your phone?  More than the Words with Friends type of games?  If so get the International version.  HSPA+ is also plenty fast.  Battery life is reportedly pretty good.
  • The international phone has a Tegra chipset, so it will have tegra zone, so if you are really into android gaming, it'll be a good fit for you. With LTE being part of the SoC of the S4 Krait, it won't eat battery life too much, and you can turn off LTE. But most of the energy consumption is from trying to find an LTE Signal so since you're in a strong LTE area you'll be fine. It's also being said that the S4 may have better battery life than the tegra version. The 28nm architecture is much more efficient. The S4 is able to run at a low powered state that rivals the 5th core on the Tegra 3. So in the end it's LTE vs 16 more gigs. Battery life on both phones will be very similar.
  • I went to the at&t store where the htc one x was on display, the rep quoted me $400 for an early(early) upgrade and asked me to pick it up on may 4th from store....( I just got the G Note 3 months ago...). So i would suggest try your luck first before paying 600 for the international version
  • Can anyone test if the AT&T model has NFC? Ive been hearing conflicting info that it doesnt.
  • It does. The only caveat is that it won't support google wallet because AT&T plans on using ISIS
  • NFC is not part of the Tech specs on ATT web site. Can you please point me to the web site that says HTC-1X-ATT version has NFC?
  • What's wrong with the GS3??? Other than the 1.4ghz quad-core exynos, most of the specs are still unconfirmed.
  • That 1.4ghz quad core exynos processor is going to slay and snatch wigs, or in the case snatch internals. Nothing is wrong with the SGS3 esp since we have no real info yet.
  • What's wrong is all these fake leaks these past few months have over hyped the product, when Samsung finally reveals what they got people are going to be disappointed when what they heard a year ago isn't what they are getting today.
  • I'm perfectly fine with the purported "specs" They seem very solid. However, I'm also absolutely digging the HTC One-X design. It just looks sleek. I'm still waiting, of course. Hell, at this point, I still think a GNote is a viable option. Oh, choices, choices.
  • I put in an order for one today at my local shop. I got to play with it too for a good half hour. I've been using a Blackberry for the past 5 years so I wasn't entirely sure about how everything works. But it did seem fast and impressive.
  • So, here I was all pumped to get the HTC One X at Sprint and then Sprint went with that butt-ugly Evo LTE thing. Ugh. Very tempted to make the jumpt to ATT, but hard to swallow that extra monthly bill.
  • Just got this beutifull phone about 5 days ago, the one x is absolutely brilliant. The one thing that everyone's been complaining about is the battery. I've just been on a weekend away where there was no powerpoints so I had to conserve my battery and keep use of the phone to a minimum. I had quite a few texts coming and going and a few calls plus around 5 or six clock alarms. To my amazement after 36 hours it was showing battery at 78%, yes I. Couldn't believe it myself thirty six hours and 78 % battery left. This is the best phone all round and especially for battery I've had for many years.
  • Just got back from ATT, and it the demo was available. Gorgeous phone, but didn't really impress me as much as I thought that it would. I'm glad that the S3 will finally be announce soon, so I can make a better decision.
  • Nice looking phone. Love it in the white too.
  • People who wait to at least compare the One X & S3 will be wise to do so!!!
  • Agree with Jay. I am elligble to upgrade my Skyrocket, but waiting for REAL info on SGSIII. Ok, who am I kidding. Probably buying the Sammy, but I am interested in the ONE X.
  • I sold my Galaxy s2 about a month ago. I have been using my iPhone 4s since. I am interested in the HTC ONEX but i will wait to see what sammy brings out with the next Galaxy.