AT&T Intruder
(AT&T Android Product Manager Dante Martin)

We brought you the first picture of the AT&T HTC Liberty -- which may well be named the Intruder -- and now we can bring you a video teaser of the phone. It's clearly a small HTC phone running Sense, and it definitely lines up with the Liberty render we stripped out of the ROM, with the Evo-style buttons and Incredible-style trackpad. Can't tell too much otherwise, except that the microUSB port is on the bottom of the phone, and the phone itself appears to be pretty small, which could line up with the 320x480 screen resolution.

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The video itself is pretty interesting, too -- check it out after the break -- showing how AT&T tests its phones long before they ever get into your hot little hands. And that they did so with an as-yet unannounced Android phone is very cool, too. Nicely done, AT&T. Thanks, Will!

AT&T IntruderAT&T Intruder

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