ASTRO File Manager now available without advertisements

ASTRO File Browser with ads

Seems like only yesterday that we were discussing in-app ads, and whether we're willing to put up with them, or fork over a few dollars for a long-free app. Oh, wait. It was yesterday. Fine. Fast-forward to today, then, and see that the ASTRO File Manager has released an app addition (you load it on top of the full ad-supported app) that washes those ads right out of your hair. For $2.99, your file browser can be ad-free.

It's not a new practice, and judging by yesterday's poll, a good number of you are more than willing to fork over a couple bucks. Our only thing is that it's one more thing to reload when we switch phones or ROMs. But our wives and mothers keep telling us most normal people don't have six cell phones or flash their memory every other day, so there's that. Download links after the break, people.

Astro File Manager

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Astro File Manager Pro (key only)

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  • The way they went about this bugs the hell out of me. Most devs make a free ad supported version and a full paid version. So you only have to download one or the other. But ASTRO decided to make a version with ads, then a paid module to remove ads. Not to mention the Bluetooth and SMB plug-in modules. ASTRO, it's time to roll it up into 1 single whizbang version for those that want to buy it (I would). And 1 ad supported version.
  • Plus 1 this sounds like something palm would do
  • I think that astro went about this the wrong way. I'm with you guys that it should be one app and not a bunch of plugins for a free app
  • I moved to ES File Manager
  • As did I because the ASTRO SMB module doesn't work with OS X. ES File Manager SMB support does.
  • Use sftp for OS X. Its just BSD.
  • I use that on occasion as well, usually when I'm out of the house. I just like to have the SMB support built into my File Manager. As soon as ASTRO works it out to work with OS X, I'll be right back to purchase theirs.
  • That's why I use a modified host file I have no ads in anything ;)
  • Yeah, I had that for a while. I just removed it though. I didn't realize that it blocked the devs from getting any money.
  • I do it with quality apps that don't give me a pay option. I will end up buying Astro when the time comes.
  • I find it completely ridiculous how many people are getting their panties all up in a bunch over ads. Reading the comments in the Market for Astro makes me embarrassed to be part of the Android community.
  • Might have to get the pay version to help counter all the whining about a simple ad
  • I'm doing the same. I don't mind ads, but astro is a quality product. I've used it since day one with my droid and recommend it to everyone
  • Nope guys they did it the RIGHT way. Stop whining. Its a plug in oriented infrastructure. SMB sftp. Bluetooth. Plugins. You don't want them you don't have to tie up your phone resources. The plugin design is brilliant. And handling ads the same way just makes sense. Multiple builds would be a far bigger mess. Both for users and developers.
  • For your rooted users, just use adfree, altough there is a black box on the bottom of the screen still, but this is a great program, if you got $3 pay em for their hard work.
  • Screw that, I uninstalled it as soon as I saw the first add. I didn't get an Android phone with a 4.3in display so I can look at adds. I'll look for an alternative or write my own.
  • Then write your own, constantly update it based on user feedback like the developer of Astro does and release it ad free and non-premium. I'd like to see how long you kept it up before you just gave up or started looking for ways to make money. Developers are there to make money, not to create great products simply out of the goodness of their heart. Programming takes time. If you don't have $3 to spend on the premium app, then at least tolerate the ads for an app you obviously were using anyway.
  • Seeing as how Android is written on top of Linux, shouldn't be that hard. I've been coding software for Linux since Slackware was the premium distro.
  • It sounds like you just want to brag about your programming skills.
  • Paid the $3 and happy to support the developer at a fair price. Having said that the adds were not particularly obtrusive and the function of the unpaid version is in no way limited ... you can do whatever you need to with it without restriction. Seems fair to me.
  • I will gladly pay to support great apps.
  • It is amazing the amount of uproar a developer will get when they'd like a little compensation. So many people complain about the lack of quality apps on Android, yet don't want to pay for them. Come on.
  • Ahhhhhh, open platform. Pay. Don't pay. Noodle. Don't noodle... Do what you want and let others do what they wish. Arguing over how a developer should run their business is infantile. Keep in mind it is a business and they are there to MAKE MONEY. Don't like it? Start your own and let the market determine if your way was the correct way.
  • awiting people moaning about today the sale price is $3.99. Would have been nice to have a heads up about the duration of the "opening price" either way i just bought it, support good DEVs!
  • I'm all about the Devs getting paid, as you can see from my previous comments, but c'mon, $4? That's getting a bit greedy.
  • I'm glad they added a pay version.
    I am tempted to purchase it even though I don't know if I am going to even use Astro any longer. When the ads popped up I figured I'd give ES a try. I had been meaning to for a long time now.
    So after I give ES a go for a while I may go back to Astro. We will see. But I think the dev made the right move in offering a paid ad free version. Now if ALL the adds would disappear when you buy it that would be best. ;)
  • I would love to go to where these people work who are complaining about ads in FREE applications and ask them to do stuff for me for free. See how fast they say no. Developers work on these apps, if you are using the free version then deal with the ads in it....the developers have to eat too you know. Don't like the ads? Though...then take out your wallet and BUY the full version or better yet...don't use the app at all. As for Astro changing over to have a little button that says "uninstall"...use it and stop whining and install another free app you cheap bastards.