All right everyone, we've finally got it -- Sprint gave the HTC EVO 3D an official release date! Now, depending on who you are or where you go, both the day you can obtain this black slab of 3D, dual-core, Gingerbread awesomeness and the price you'll pay for it can vary.

For starters, the official release date is June 24.  (Which happens to be the fourth week in June and what Radio Shack told us a few days back.)

And for you privileged folk who have Sprint Premier status, you'll be able to purchase an EVO 3D online starting June 21!  According to Sprint's news release, you'll need to log on to your account on, click "show me my rewards," and then click "Sprint Premier Community" on June 21 to get more information about it.  Sprint notes that quantities are limited so you may need to move click quickly to get one of this summer's hotest devices.

As for the pricing, $199.99 is the new two-year agreement and eligible upgrade price ($399.99 two-year price - $200 instant savings).  Note that the $399.99 is not the off-contract pricing, it's the discounted two-year price (before instant savings).  It's more likely that $499.99 will be the full price of the phone, as evidenced by this Radio Shack ad.

The EVO 3D will be available at:

  • Sprint -- In-store 6/24, online for Premier customers 6/21 -- $150 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G with Sprint's Buyback program (prices vary for other phones)
  • Best Buy
  • Radio Shack -- $100 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G
  • Target Mobile -- $150 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G

Sprint, Best Buy, and Radio Shack are all taking pre-orders for the EVO 3D with $50 down in the form of a gift card.  Target Mobile, strangely, decided to forgo the gift card part and is simply taking $50 down which they will apply to the purchase price of the phone once it is available.

It's been a long wait since the EVO 3D's first appearance March 22 at CTIA, but June 24 is quickly approaching and the most antagonizing wait (for some) will soon be over.

Source: Sprint