Are you using a screen protector on the Note 8's curved display?

There's a lot we can say about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, but one of its hallmark features is its massive 6.3-inch curved AMOLED display. This display is a true beauty for watching movies, playing games, and browsing the web, but as some of our forum users are quickly discovering, it's not necessarily the most practical thing in the world.

Because of the Note 8's curved edges, a lot of our forum users are having a tough time trying to apply a screen protector to the thing. This is an issue that all phones with curved displays are susceptible to, but it's even more pronounced on the Note 8 due to its ginormous size.

Here's what some of you have had to say.

After several attempts with tempered glass and film screen protectors, I give up. The curved screen seems to make it impossible for the screen protectors to adhere for any length of time. Aside from not adhering, the tempered glass screen protectors I've tried caused a significant reduction in response to the touchscreen. Looking at reviews, it doesn't appear there is any screen protector for...


I haven't used a screen protector since the s8+ they make the experience with the phone unbearable. That and it was costing too much money trying to find one that worked. I do however have a little nick in the screen on the curve. It's not really noticeable, but I know it's there. Still not as bad as dealing with a crappy screen cover.


I understand what you are saying, OP. My phone has a curved screen too; which definitely affects the placement of the screen protector. I would recommend a plastic one, as they are less expensive and wouldn't set you as far back; but after going from plastic to tempered glass, myself, I definitely understand that you'd wanna stick with glass if anything. How cautious are you with your...


Yeah, I've been looking through it and have only seen lots of recommendations for the use of screen protectors... I got a screen protector at the Verizon store when I bought the phone and in two weeks the corner started to peel. I didn't realize it was doing this until I noticed the lack of sensitivity when trying to drag the notification bar down. Since then I ripped it off and have rocked it...


If you're rocking Samsung's latest, we'd like to know – Are you using a screen protector with the Note 8?

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