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Are you underwhelmed by the OnePlus 8T?

OnePlus 8T review
OnePlus 8T review (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

This past week has been one of the busiest in a while. We had Amazon Prime Day, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 12 series, our Pixel 5 review went live, and the OnePlus 8T was officially unveiled.

The OnePlus 8T seems to have gone a bit under the radar for some folks, likely given everything else going on in the news cycle and how much it has in common with the regular OnePlus 8 that's already available. Outside of a 120Hz screen and faster charging speeds, the OnePlus 8T is a very familiar phone.

Given that, how much interest is there really in OnePlus's latest handset? A few of our AC forum members shared their early impressions while watching its unveiling, saying:

Yes was hoping it will be a little less, but honestly at that price it does stack well with the competition. 256gb and 12gb ram standard they could've got away with calling it the 8T pro. I just don't know what is there stand out features that make me want OnePlus. Will have to go check it out in person before making a decision.


Yes sir.. Watched it... I'm not sure on it... $749 FOR IT gotta see how it goes against the recent category..


I always thought that One Plus phones give a lot for the money , can't go wrong with 1+8


Now, we want to hear from you Are you underwhelmed by the OnePlus 8T?

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  • I like the 8t, 749.00 USD, not too shabby. 12gigs of ram, 256gb's of storage. I think the 📷's are improved. It matches up very well with the pixel5 & S20 FE. All three are very good, it's just a matter of choice & which one you desire! I don't think you could wrong with these top mid-ranger's? Two use the 865processer & the 765g. Plus all three have their own stand out features!
  • I probably would be if I'd actually bothered reading anything at all about it, oneplus have become uninteresting.
  • I have a OnePlus 6. Already know it will get Oxygen OS 11. The 8t upgrades for me would be 120 htz with flat screen, 5G, stereo speakers. It hurts there's no wireless charging or optical zoom. Oneplus 9 maybe?
  • I'm moving from OP6 to Pixel 5. I don't like the look of the new OxygenOS, the lack of wireless charging and overall feel the 8T is just physically too large.
  • I'm underwhelmed by Apple this year. 😴
  • I wanted to like it as I really needed to upgrade my 6T, but I was so underwhelmed I picked up a used 7T as it has all the upgraded I really wanted and I got it for $310. these were the facts as I see them.
    5G is still not mature, and I don't need it yet. I'm always on WiFi and only have a 3GB plan.
    everything I read days says jump from 60hz to 90hz is the real upgrade. 120hz isn't that big of a bump.
    I rarely use a fast charger as I charge overnight. the 7T had everything I really wanted to upgrade on my old 6T.
    brighter display
    stereo speakers
    support for 15 watt PD charging, for the car where my wife and I share use the same car charger.
    an upgraded fingerprint sensor, the first gen one in the 6T was always a little wonky. I'm so happy with this phone, it really fixed the big problems I had with the 6T.