Are you sad that Samsung Cloud is being shut down?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Microsoft Apps
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Microsoft Apps (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Android Central)

Samsung's partnership with Microsoft seems to be getting stronger with every year that passes, with the two companies finding new ways to integrate their services and products with each other.

In one of the most recent moves, it was reported that Samsung Cloud is in the process of being shut down and will be replaced by Microsoft OneDrive as the go-to cloud storage solution for Samsung devices.

This has gotten quite a few of our forum members talking, with some of them sharing the following thoughts:

I hope they don't personally.


Leave the those things to Microsoft/Google who are way better at it. Yeah I know unpopular opinion here in the Samsung forum but nevertheless my opinion. But even though personally wouldn't use Samsung cloud doesn't hurt people having choices. Probably financially makes sense for Samsung not to concentrate/invest in this area and instead partner with Microsoft.


This will be bad news if they do that


As a Verizon customer I can't use Samsung cloud. Lol Carriers blocking it might be a part of the reason they're getting rid of it. Besides why use OneDrive when Google provides 15Gb?


What about you? Are you sad that Samsung Cloud is being shut down?

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