Are you running the OxygenOS Open Beta on your OnePlus phone?

OxygenOS is the custom software that powers all OnePlus smartphones, and if you're in the market for something that looks and feels a lot like stock Android while offering helpful features and deep customization tools, it's one of the best experiences around.

In addition to the stable build of OxygenOS that ships on OnePlus handsets, users have the option of moving over to the OxygenOS Open Beta. The Open Beta gives you access to new features before anyone else, but as expected, has the potential to come with a few bugs here and there.

One of our forum users asked if it was worth switching to the beta, and this is what the AC community had to say.

Remember, beta doesn't mean "you get the new version before anyone else does", it means "you get the new version with bugs - please report all bugs to us". We've been going through that with Android P for a few weeks now.


I have been using the Open Beta's since almost the beginning of when I got my 5T. I think you will be surprised with the few, if any, bugs you will encounter.


I have been on the beta program for a few months to can't find any issues with this last update , except for the Capital One mobile app minor detail


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