Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface Duo?

At Microsoft's big Surface event this week, the company took everyone by surprise with its announcement of the Surface Duo — an Android smartphone with two displays that can fold up with a hinge in the middle.

The Surface Duo has created for a lot of chatter in the mobile space, some good and some bad. It's a very interesting concept, but with other companies like ZTE having tried (and failed) with similar designs in the past and Microsoft gunning for a Holiday 2020 release date, the phone's getting a lot of mixed feedback.

Taking a look at the AC forums, this is what some of our community members have to say.

Nice! But, let's kick it up a notch and put a screen on the outside cover like the Galaxy Fold, but use the whole outer surface.


I was reading up on it earlier and it looks interesting. I thought about getting it as a gift but not for me though.


It's going to come down to pricing for me. Also, I like Samsung Pay. I'm not sure if I want to give that up.


I have plenty of time to decide the duo does not ship for at least 13+ months. I find the concept interesting. My concern is the size of the device. I assume what was shown yesterday is an early prototype. I hope the final design is much thinner and will lose the big bezels. I would also want a way to answer the phone without having to open the device. I have been using Note phones and...


What about you? Are you interested in the Microsoft Surface Duo?

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