Earlier this week, Huawei took the wraps off of its latest and greatest flagship — the P30 Pro.

The Huawei P30 Pro brings a lot of exciting stuff to the table, including a downright stunning design, some of the fastest silicone around, and a camera package that aims to rival the unstoppable Google Pixel 3.

With all of that in tow, is anyone interested in buying the phone?


I know they're raving about it's camera, but to me the S10+ is the better overall device. I love mine. I do think the P30 is a nice device though.


Not here. Hasn't even peeked my intrest in the least.


I really do want a Huawei P30... I'm keeping my eye on it.


The ONLY aspect of that phone that's clearly better is the zoom. The prelim photos I've seen are mixed but the zoom seems really solid. As far as colors, they look great, but mainly because Samsung is SO weak in that area. Their consistent release of a limited selection of mostly dull, washed out colors is baffling....


What about you? Are you interested in the Huawei P30 Pro?

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