Are you excited for the LG Velvet?

LG Velvet
LG Velvet (Image credit: LG)

LG's presence in the Android space has certainly seen better days. The company continues to kick out new smartphones year after year, but they never seem to grab an audience the same way devices from Samsung, Apple, and others do.

Following the relatively boring and modest LG V60, LG's second Android device of 2020 is expected to be quite different from past releases. What was expected to be the LG G9, the LG Velvet was teased by the company over the weekend — showcasing the phone's arc glass, unique rear camera modules, and more.

The teaser got a few of our AC forum members talking, with some of their initial thoughts being as follows:

The device and hardware looks great but their software is unfortunately no go for me personally. Also most likely there won't be official US unlocked model and I'm not buying carrier models ever.


When I was looking at V60 review videos, i ran across a comparison between it and the G8 (the G-series being the current mid-range option from them) when it came to camera performance. I was surprised to see a few instances where the G8 bested the V60, so I would expect the Velvet to perform very well for its class.


If camera(s) do a "reasonable" enough job in varying lighting conditions, audio isn't a muffled or a tinny mess, sufficient general overall performance, and priced right, then it might be a hit. Think LG might be onto something here as is Apple with their 2020 SE... Many would like to have top tier yet way too expensive, bottom tier sometimes too many compromises, but middle of the road should...


I'm curious how the camera and audio will be compared to those of the V-series.

Laura Knotek

What say you? Are you excited for the LG Velvet?

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