Are you disappointed with the Galaxy S20's fingerprint sensor?

Galaxy S20 Plus Fingerprint Sensor
Galaxy S20 Plus Fingerprint Sensor (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 has quite a lot going for it. The 120Hz AMOLED display is downright gorgeous, battery life is stellar, and the upgraded camera system is a joy to use.

The Galaxy S10 introduced in-screen fingerprint sensors for the first time on Samsung phones, and the same ultrasonic sensor made its way over to the S20 as well.

Looking through the AC forums, there are mixed feelings about how well the sensor performs on the S20.

So far, I like everything about the S20+ except the in-screen fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is too small and it only works about 75% of the time. The in-screen fingerprint sensor on my OnePlus 7 Pro was far superior. BTW, the S20+ still has the factory installed screen protector, as did my OnePlus 7 Pro.


Sorry you've had that experience. Mine seems to always work and I'm coming from a Pixel where it was on the back. I don't keep screen covers on though.


Im coming from an S10 and I find the sensor on the S20 plus much better. I think they are the same sensor but the placement on the s20 plus is a little higher up, so I think this is whats giving me better readings. When I pick it up the phone my finger is right on the senor so I only have had a few times where I had to try again for it to read. My s10 was 50/50 so I stopped using it all...


No issues here, scanned thumb and index finger on each hand one time. Factory installed screen protector is still on the phone, and I have not had one misfire yet.


What about you? Are you disappointed with the Galaxy S20's fingerprint sensor?

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