Archos Smart Home

A tablet, cameras and movement tags make up this $250 kit

Archos recently released their latest offering in the connected home space, dubbed Smart Home. We first checked out the system back at CES in January, and Archos has recently made the starter kit available in the U.K.

The Archos Smart Home system offers smaller, less expensive components than most other systems but still boasts many of the same features (and is also lacking a few). The $250 starter pack includes an Archos tablet, two mini-cams, two movement tags, and two weather tags. The entire setup works not over Wifi, but over Bluetooth Smart (AKA Bluetooth LE). This means that the modules can last for a year on a single battery — which makes for less hassle and less worry — and more awesomeness. You can use the Smart Home system with a companion app on Android and iOS, though everything first routes through the included Android tablet via your home Wi-Fi network.