The best and worst April Fools' Day tech gags of 2017

April Fools' Day is kind of like a marketer's Halloween. They get to dress up and play tricks on their customers with sometimes elaborate and obviously time-consuming gags. We can't ignore April Fools' Day because there are things on this day that really do happen, or are deep-teasing future releases, like Pokémon in Google Maps teasing Pokémon Go. There are also April Fools' Day gags that we wish could stick around, like the year YouTube added a light switch to make the UI go dark while you're watching your videos. So, love it or hate it, it's back again.

Just be careful rolling your eyes at these.

Google Maps Mrs. Pac-Man

Google is breaking out an old April Fools' gag this year with a bigger and better version of the original: it's Mrs. Pac-Man on Google Maps! Tap the Pink Mrs. Pac-Man symbol above the location button in Google Maps on the app (or the Insert Coin box on the Google Maps website), and Google will take you to a random location around the world for a round of Mrs. Pac-Man, where you get five lives to outrun and out-eat the ghosts.

Roku SnackSuggest

I'm getting hungry

Roku, one of the most popular set-top boxes on the market, has unveiled a service on their devices to help you pair the proper snack with your favorite shows with Roku SnackSuggest. You can even limit your snacks based on dietary requirements and allergies, which is something my dairy-intolerant twin would appreciate. There's also some fun stats from Roku's press release, and while I doubt their validity, they sound about right to me.

  • The average time paused for a snack run to the kitchen is 27.53 seconds
  • The frequency of snack runs surges after exactly 3.785 episodes of a TV show
  • The average streamer snacks on at least 3 types of snacks during a single streaming session
  • Spicy treats are preferred for dramas while sweet goodies are preferred for sitcoms
  • A streamer will ask someone watching a show with them if they are hungry 12.2 times during a binge marathon

Excuse me, I need to go pop some popcorn.

OnePlus Dash Energy Drink

OnePlus has launched a new energy drink to help you Dash Charge your body the same way you Dash Charge your OnePlus 3. Dash Energy, like the Dash Charge charging bundle they have 15% off today, is an apparently real drink that OnePlus is going to give out on the streets of London and online in Europe and India.

No comment on the "electrifying" taste, however.

T-Mobile ONEsie

T-Mobile is never one to shy away from a chance to poke fun at its rivals, and the carrier is kicking things off with the [T-Mobile ONEsie]( "the world's first full-body wearable." According to T-Mobile's CEO and "lead fashion designer" John Legere, the T-Mobile ONEsie is a "quantum leap forward for wearables, for wireless networks and for fashion" that embodies the "very meaning of unlimited coverage."

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This eye-burning pink monstrosity will be available for $40 online, but please be warned our own Russell Holly will set it (and you) on fire if he catches you wearing it. Or you could buy something more stylish with that money, like one of our own stylish Team Android tees on Teespring. Just in time for baseball season!

Google Gnome

This April Fools' Day joke is from Google and it faux introduces a product called Google Gnome. But we're wondering why this isn't something we can pay money for? We have gardens. We grow our own vegetables. Who wouldn't want to know how their potatoes are doing? It's devastating that this isn't real.

Amazon Petlexa

We all know Alexa from Amazon, but why shouldn't pets get their own version? Introducing Petlexa, the best way for your pets to talk to your Echo at home and get things done even when you're not around. Ground-breaking technology here.

Ara Wagoner

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