YouTube Music might have you reaching for a tissue with its new mood filters

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What you need to know

  • Users on Reddit have started noticing additional YouTube Music mood filters such as Cry, Feel Good, Romance, Sleep, and Party.
  • The filters, joining several existing ones, will display Quick Picks, Mixed for You, blends, and more related to the category.
  • The filters are rolling out slowly and this is yet another attempt by YouTube to encourage more music discovery after the rollout of Samples.

A few extra song filters are starting to appear on YouTube for those looking for specific tunes to fit their mood.

Users over on Reddit have started noticing a few extra mood filters popping up on YouTube Music (via 9to5Google). It looks like the platform has added Romance, Feel Good, Sleep, and Party songs to get things moving. Another Redditor spotted a new "Cry" filter for tunes that'll really hit you in the feels.

These new mood filters are appearing on YouTube Music's homepage on its mobile app and desktop versions. Clicking on them expands on what music it can offer by displaying Quick Picks, Mixed for You, blends, longer listening, and a few recommended radio options.

The previously mentioned filters join YouTube Music's existing choices of Energy, Focus, Relax, Commute, and Workout from a couple of years back.

I'm being suggested to cry 😭 😂 from r/YoutubeMusic

The latest filters are still rolling out on the home screen — and slowly at that. A couple of the new filters have shown up in the Moods & Genres tab of the Explore tab for YouTube Music, though. As the week progresses, users should find a couple of these new choices available in a more widespread fashion.

While users will decide for themselves whether the filters are worth a tap (click) or not, it's likely just a part of YouTube's efforts to drive home more music discovery. In August, the streaming service rolled out a new Samples tab, which was aimed at helping music lovers find some new tunes.

Kind of like Shorts, the Samples tab has a TikTok-like feed style about it, so users can quickly consume previews of music in a shorter format. If interested, a user can add that song to one of their playlists, or they can swipe up to go to the next song.

Most recently, YouTube plugged some more interactivity and a sense of community into its musical side by rolling out a comments section. While the section isn't available on every song, it sort of merges both the main YouTube platform and its dedicated music base, as users on YouTube Music will see comments left by those elsewhere.

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    Just bring back MoodAgent. They got it right 90+% of the time. Google's curations continue to be questionable.